Enjoying The Blues?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Enjoying the BluesHave you ever woken up alright and ready to face the day, but that very same day starts to just simply go wrong and wrong and wrong. So you sulk, silently cursing, hoping you are transported magically to another world devoid of the drama that is your life while at the same time unfailingly wearing that zombie-ish murderous expression on your face to greet the life that is staring in front of you.

The thing with waking up to this sort of emotional-and-spiritual-depleting-energy-sucking-black-hole-of-a-day, is no matter what you have in your mind, it will only get worse when you start to brood about it in a negative manner. Nobody likes to see your devilish long frowns sticking down reaching the floor.

Even you yourself will start to avoid the mirrors. Face it, the hateful-angry monster that will be staring at your face scares you a million times more.

Yes, somebody made plans without even bothering to ask you. Yes, some stupid thing happened that instead of making some money, you’re not. Oh that man gave you a nasty look for no reason. Oh I hate that jerk for trying too hard. Damn that woman has a filthy mouth. Bloody hot weather is killing my brains and drying them at the same time for kicks.

On this Mother of Blues day, no matter what great things are happening, the only things that seem to glue themselves in our little hot heads are the negative crappy ones. Wonder why? We are expert drama kings and queens.

You and me, we will never be satisfied with being emotionally stable enough every day for the rest of our lives. There is something ironically addictive in looking at our lives through dark grey lenses and bitch about the little things that do not fail to sicken us each time we are exposed to the same game. We’re sick of it. But it’s there. So why not play it.

Yup, you and me, we do this naturally.

You will not admit it to my face. No. You’re too damn proud.

You’d say yeah I hate my life because I need something to make me start loving it, but as for now it is just not happening, so let me and despair be.

It’s no ones’ fault really. Nobody’s. It’s your day to be that black hideous hole that sucks people off their energy. I will leave you to it. I care enough to know that you will snap out of it and I will save you and me the trouble by not doing anything.

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