Meander Series #1 - Wordless

Friday, December 20, 2019

Meander Series #1 - Wordless

The time I start a thing called the Meander Series.

I'm starting a thing that I am calling the Meander Series and it will entail a collection of short paragraphs I wrote a while ago while living everyday life.

I don't know if it is going to be of any particular interest to anyone but I've always wanted to do something of this sort as it's kind of therapeutic. So, here it goes. Read my meandering thoughts at your own peril!

-- Wordless //

As someone who is prone to write, I am happy to notice that there are plenty of moments that come wordlessy and it fills me with peace. Words can be as neutral as they can be but in writing them to describe things, they easily fragment themselves into a variety of contrasts. There's peace in letting go of the tugging of words to describe. In just being, there's a vast space to deepen the experience of myself. Words are resigned as instruments for they are just that. Listening to everything that appear to register to my senses, such as songbirds singing, voices of people, sounds from vehicles that roam these roads, shuffling of footsteps, and soft rustling as leaves travel to the ground - these all are impressing themselves as tickles of sound bites on the surface of my witnessing.

-- Caramel //

I ran off to the mall for shelter from the scorching tropical heat that had me caramelized. I seem to get philosophical when I'm in the cool concrete which I avoid on days when the heat ain't killing. Took a brisk walk and was blessed to witness the blue bird catching his fish and eating it on a branch. Such a beauty. Now it's pouring and I am grateful for the reprieve. Heading home. Cats will be pleased that I will be feeding them their favorite wet food.

-- Light //

Light bulb flickers,
A second change of clothes,
Cool air on my ears,
Music echoes..
Nose expels dust and things
Sounds from within,
Eyeballs lubricated,
Light stops flickering..
Thank goodness,
You funny thing..

-- Morning //

This morning I rose feeling fresh, after a good pee. Gave myself a thyroid massage. Combed through my hair, eased the itchy scalp. Glad to sense that the giant scalp acne is gradually healing. Patted my face with sesame castor oil mix after spritzing it with rose water. Did a funny dance. The morning is cool after a night of pour. Some flowers will blossom, some will retreat. It's the last week of my moon cycle before the next new one. As always, it's dedicated to myself. I'm glad to have taken a conscious interest in this, so I'm much able to deepen my relaxation and be in sync with Life. Thank you dear Life for everything I have missed and have been blessed with. Funny to put it that way but it's easy to miss that in being here, I am thus currently not there. Both is occurring. Life still gets lived. I still love. And am love.

-- Rain in the garden //

I managed to walk the lotus garden about one and a half round before it started to sprinkle. Ate the lamb curry puff and plum in the car while it rumbled in the sky with flashes of lightning as trees swayed and old orphaned leaves danced on the ground. Everything looks gloriously broody and stunning as the rain picks up now. I'm nestled in the shelter of the car. Where to next? It's still early and I'm just letting the rain give the car a free bath. I'll stare into spaces for a while before deciding.


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