Meander Series #18 Mall Reflections

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Meander Series #18 Mall Reflections

The time it's a meandering thing time.

Hey, don't think I've forgotten about this thing! Time to meander with me, why don't you?

Hot Day: I Run To The Mall

I headed to the mall on a hot summer day. It's that old familiar feeling, sensing the cold front meeting the hot trying atmosphere of the asphalt and running car engines. In between these opposing temperatures, l stood fiddling and finding for the app to scan the code to gain entry. I sniffed the tantalizing scents of fresh coffee beans being grinded laced with the impersonal smells of the chilled concrete and its accompanying echoing sounds. There was that realization that had it not been lethally hot weather and the potential at looking at interesting groceries, being in the mall was quite the last thing my mind would naturally conjure. 

Not sure where to head to when my sensory processing got tickled, I stood in spaces in between people-filled spots and wondered why malls in general exude about themselves a hollow, cold and indifferent atmosphere. The mall's not the place to be unless the heat outside compelled an entry just because of the pull of artificial coolness blended in with the scent of aromatic coffee. Sometimes, it's the sight of new clothes but luckily, I am skilled at dismissing those. Too much of a space filler. I removed the face diaper the minute the outside temperature meet my face. Happy the evening brought down the mood of that enthusiastic sun to a mellow note with strong breeze making tall trees away. Outside the mall, some of the concrete slots looked alive because of human occupancy.  Others stood in stark contrast in their quietness, empty with history hanging over their dusty abandoned corners.

Our Betta Fish called Rupee

I was trying to find you in the form you first came to us. You left your broken body yesterday and I searched for you in little memories till the mind quietens. From fatigue mostly. I wanted to feel your presence. Put you in the soil last night. The moon was round and droplets of drizzle fell. Showed your body to the cats. Even in death, you exuded magnificence. Tonight, I turned the aquarium light to face away from the tank you spent your liveliest moments in. My heart ached and yet I know it's alright. You wouldn't want me to waste my vibrance the way you always were vibrant when your body was strong and pulsating with health. Even when you were ill, you still were trusting and aware of old me. I miss you, Rupee.

Chatter Box

Sometimes, my mind speaks about things and I'm not even following. It's like an auto chatter box. It runs and runs out of steam. Feels like a buzzing and when my attention comes to rest on its contents, there's nothing of use there.

Larger Than Life

There's this jarring discrepancy between the reality without you and the feeling how you are still around, larger than life itself. It rests on my attention, of course. For without it, the split doesn't exist. You weren't here. You were here. You integrated within me.


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