Meander Series #6 - Two Beads Per Earring

Friday, February 21, 2020

Meander Series #6 - Two Beads Per Earring

Why I walk on certain pathways, random joggers and their jogging style, a causeless smile and deconstructing earrings while angry.

// Tiles --

Sometimes, I walk on the smooth tiles. Always, I walk on the textured ones. The rough concrete finish makes for a better grip even if the shoes I'm wearing are built with a good grip. If you fall on a textured walkway, well, get ready for some great scrapes. The smooth tiles are way more forgiving when you're breaking a fall as long as you're falling in a way your body can take. Just avoid sprinting on slippery surfaces. These thoughts pass through as I enjoy today's evening brisk walk.

// Joggers --

Something about some joggers - people who move in a joggy manner - piques my attention. Some jog with a heavy lift as though their feet have had enough of their own weight. Some charge through the walkway like an avalanche, a momentous sprint you'd rather not be caught in their way. Some steadily move in a jog-walk speed bouncing off soundlessly. Another kind of jogger is the swift sprinter, usually made of flailing kids, flashing by instantly from one spot to another like an unruly speeding bullet. In between these, you will find the average invisible joggers that float around everyone, seemingly weightless as they flutter away into the invisibility of the bushy horizon.

// Shape --

People take on a particular shape when they walk. It's interesting to notice as I can recognize them from quite a distance. Or shall I say something in me makes the recognition possible. I'm proud of my ability of seeing far into the physical distance I use it to perform random U-turns to avoid social interactions. The wind is calling me to have a walk with it but I'm suddenly feeling sleepy. Five more minutes and I will go.

// Smile --

It's a rain that brings rainbows. I'm hibernating in the car before I leave for my garden walk. Droplets of rain decorate the car windows and beyond the concrete, greenery quenches my spirit. There is a walker. She walks with a satisfied smile on her face, a light spring in her steps and straight into the car she goes. What a beautiful thing that is. A carefree smile to sweeten up the space and it's not even directed at anyone in particular. Girls have started their walk-jog and I'm about to join in.

// Angst

I felt tendrils of anger spreading out of body when they were harassing Cloudy, our shy neighborhood dog. They were ignorant kids just having fun being jackasses. I was upset for the furry canine. They were long gone before I could do anything. I acknowledged and accepted the anger that sprung out of me and lingered for moments after. Directed it at a pair of long dangly earrings by shortening them. Removed a round bead that was in the center so it's now carrying two beads per earring that will hang without caressing the skin of my shoulder.

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Big thanks for meandering with me!

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