Meander Series #5 - Near the Blue

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Meander Series #5 - Near the Blue

The time there was an energizing walk while it drizzled watching how people lugged their weight around, a kingfisher people-watching and a military truck with metal-guarded windows.

// Red leaves --

Just walked my evening walk. The walkway alive with crispy red leaves. Saw two blue birds. And other birds too of course, including one fluffy bulbul. Where to head next, not a clue. It's going to be six PM soon and I stay still. Car is ready to move. I cooked garlic tempeh earlier, cleaned up my room. Somewhat. Vacuumed domestic lizards' poop that sprinkled the window sills. Will be soaping them up soon. Cracked open the window to let the sweet breeze waltz through. Glad to have started doing it. Both my grandmas would be so proud.

// Near the blue --

The blue bird was people-watching and I felt how still its presence was. Instead of facing the lake to look for fish, it faced the path where people walk or jog.

// Reset --

A gorgeous drizzly walk it is. Walking on a cool wet day like this makes it imperative to walk faster just to get the internal body heat up. Sweet earthy scents laced with smoke particles from cars. The kind of rain that makes everything fresh, washes everything clean. Reset button of mother nature. I walk not just to have my limbs moved. If that's the case, in a concrete I can stay. I walk to connect with what we are all connected to. Thank you Life. On another note, I have come to witness how critters carry their weight around and this applies to humans too. By just observing how people move no matter their ages, one gets an inkling of how they hold their weight, where the heaviest and lightest bits get focused on. Physically, it gets expressed in the way he or she carries on when moving. The lightest to move from one point to the next are typically the young prepubescent ones, all limbs and free spirits. Some are mentally weighty. Some are physically-heavy they sashay to carry themselves. Some work with existing physical compromises. No matter their age, a nimble spirit uplifts the space. One of the blue birds that I like to catch a glance of takes a spot on a branch facing the path where people walk. I let myself be watched by the feathered blue. How sweet it is to feel and sense a kingfisher watching you instead. I walk on, sending love right its way.

// Universe --

Find it in yourself
they say
Funny thing is you know
But you must first forget
Such simplicity
To fully appreciate
That all that comes
Shall pass
All that passes
Live on within
Renewed in the light
of your awareness
Seek it within
It's there
Heaven pulsates
Taste life
Let it unfold
The universe
Expressed through
You and I
is more than enough

// Moment --

Rain has stopped and I'm just sitting, hibernating in the car. A military truck passes by. Metal grills embellish the windows of both the driver and passenger sides. I am lucky to live in a time in a country unbridled by merciless wars that colored the lives of my late grandparents.

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Big thanks for meandering with me!

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