Who is Shanaz AL?

Shanaz AL (Miss Reverie) is a freelance writer who has a degree in Biotechnology. She likes to think of herself as a scientist, but is a little bit clumsy with the test tubes and gets distracted easily to be working in the lab. She has been involved in independent writing projects focused on subjects related to health, beauty, fashion, style and auto insurance.

Her love for writing goes hand in hand with her affinity towards reading. She reads passionately on creative works of fiction/non fiction, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, self-improvement, alternative medicine, criminology and more. She is a freethinker with a belief that love is the glue that unites everything.

Apart from her rebellious tendencies, there is a melancholic part of her that she expresses through poetry. She writes whimsically, so you may want to refrain from reading in between the lines too much.

Writing has been an outlet for the expression of her thoughts, and like any other blogger/writer out there, she writes to share little tips and guidelines, personal reviews about movies, home-made facial remedy, health, beauty, books and life in general.

She plans to share more about the gift of reverie or daydreaming or mind-wandering that is often undermined in our society that is focused more on "doing". However, she has started to share outfit posts inspired by years of dabbling in fashion and style copywriting.

She hopes that her written words reach you in a positive light and help you in ways that can change your life.

She currently writes creatively at FAME ChERRY.com and you can find her engaging her love for fashion at Fashionista NOW by sharing personal thoughts and views on the latest fashion trends.

You are most welcomed to connect with her through Facebook, and Twitter. Though she has an old account on Myspace, she doesn't go there anymore.

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PS: Her sister, Normality Al is a graphic designer. If you're interested in to know more about her design background, do check out her creative zone here and say hello. She also has a brother who does 3D modelling and is musically-inclined. You can listen and even use his electronic music for free here.