Thursday, December 17, 2020


The time I wore a comfy lightweight sundress.

Hiya earth-dwellers, today is an outfit post kind of day. Thank you for being here to witness what I'd put on during one of those days where I woke up and thought: Oh hey, it's a gorgeous day, let's do a shoot. Try to wear something that has not been posted here before. Hmm. Yes, that's it.

It's a dress I've worn frequently and especially when hairs on the legs are still nestled in the follicles barely visible. Oh lies! Sometimes, in photos, if you stand far enough even wit hairy legs, no one would notice the divine hairiness. 

Outfit: Well, It's a black and white sundress with a lovely empire style waist, a V-neck and and pom pom detailing about the sleeve's edge. Wore with blue oxfords.

I titled it in Swedish as a way to say hi to readers from Sweden! Hej!

I googled these translations, listened to how they sound and loved it!

It's finally a stunning sunny day here by in old Malaysia after quite a mind-numbingly wet stretch that turned the tiles cold to my foot's touch. We don't wear shoes in our homes here and thus, cold floors truly set the mood during the monsoon that I almost wished there was a way to lightly teleport from on point in the house to the next. 

Rainy days, though, can bring such a brilliant blue sky and today was such a day. I took a lovely walk. Saw a monitor lizard glide in the murky green water. Blue-tailed bee-eater birds swooped rhythmically near the body of water and the elegant kingfisher sat watching on a low branch in between sparse foliage. At a distance, an eagle flew the way it does with majestic wings all spread out. Turtles quietly basked on a driftwood right under an ancient tree. Human sounds dotted the exquisite tropical evening hum. 

I felt my pores blessed by the sun, my hair magically transformed and no longer looking pitiful.

I picked up the blow dryer, girls! After ages. I had to rescue myself from the limp frizziness that took over my mane. And even whipped out the Jade brush! Air-drying during the rainy days only translated to sad hair that looked electrocuted. 

Anyways, enough about my wet dog hair look, tell me how do you approach your hair during a cold spell with high humidity? 

Here are the photos:

That's it, for now. I hope you're all well, staying healthy, keeping fit and enjoying your day. Thank you for swinging by! I'm happy you did.

Here's a quote by Mooji to end this entry:

"Dying to your own attachments is a beautiful death."

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