I love Salted Fava Beans

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I love Salted Fava Beans

The time I styled a printed midi skirt of an abstract polka dot persuasion and rambled on brow grooming, hair care, bee hive and haze.

Hi friends, it’s time for that casual outfit post entry! I couldn't for the life of me think of a nice title for this post and ended up thinking about the salted crunchy fava beans that I plan to munch and the rest, as they say, is history. Initially, I wanted to get all creative and find song titles from musicians I love but this sent me into another spiral of finding the story behind the songs I could relate to and before you know it, I'm 60: I had to stop the hunt.

Anyway, earlier on, I plucked and trimmed my bushy eyebrows. Hopefully, they’re looking great from a third-party perspective. From inside my skull, the view reflected in the mirror facing me seems good.

It’s been a gorgeous October weather here, with bouts of rain mixed with heavenly sunshine and breeze that could hypnotize you to sleep. I have a patch of hair in the crown area that’s shorter than everywhere else because of a scalp acne situation that had thankfully resolved. Thank goodness for new hair growth where you want it to be. Thank you Life, I will take better care of my scalp moving forward as I appreciate hair sprouting out of it.

That being said, let’s talk about your hair. Are you lot growing it out or cutting it in a preferred new trendy length?

For the first time since forever, I’m sporting my natural jet black hair and it’s growing past my shoulders now. With the high humidity levels here coupled with my love for wild unruly head of hair that whispers deranged bohemian, so far, it’s been a really frizzy situation. On my last visit to the salon, I stopped my hairdresser from introducing layers into my hair for the first time in my life as I’d like to see how huge my hair will get.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with how thick it is at the present moment. I used to layer my hair a lot being a fan of the shaggy layered look. Feeling the weight of my hair now, perhaps I could use some kind of light internal layers or framing ones in the future but as of now, I’m super excited to let this hair grow big.

Talking about big hair, I spotted a large wild honey bee hive hanging up on a tall tree in the park just now! I’ve never seen anything quite like it! If you’re interested, it looks kind of like this.

Enough about my hair, and the random bee hive encounter, let’s talk about the outfit I wore for this particular evening for this shoot.

I’ve taken to notice that my grey cat Tidus loves to join in when I wear something flowy, bright or eye-catching to his feline eyes. It’s really adorable to see him looking at me standing around for the camera.

On this day, I wore a sleeveless black top tucked into a abstractly dotted midi skirt with a pair of ankle boots. This outfit is what I’d wear for an imaginary Autumn day or evening. Malaysia is sunny all year long with bouts of monsoonic rain.

These few years though, a new season has made its way here and it’s called haze. It’s not a season to play around with. It’s really terrible and everyone stays put inside their man-made dwellings like every other day only that this time, it's for health concerns. The haze is a yearly occasion now. Instead of putting a full stop to the slash-and-burn deforestation once and for all after one horrible haze season, it keeps on going like a trend thrown in with some dramatic blame game in the middle.

With haze a yearly season, new jobs have mushroomed: We now have people in the business of tricking clouds into watering when they least expect it.

Fluffy fertile clouds are the target so we can make it rain ourselves as a quick way to remedy the haze situation which we is our making. I wonder if we could trick ourselves to grow some new brain cells and leave the clouds out of it!

Rant over, how do you like my OOTD? What do you think about the haze season? Has it ever been hazy where you are? What do you do when there's smoke in your eyeballs? All comments are eagerly anticipated. Drop them!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Junichiro Tanizaki:

"Whenever I sit with a bowl of soup before me, listening to the murmur that penetrates like the distant song of an insect, lost in contemplation of the flavours to come, I feel as if I were being drawn into a trance."

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