Laugher of Own Jokes

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Laugher of Own Jokes

The time I pondered about how being 'woke' to the extreme can express itself as animosity and victim-mindedness.

Hi everyone! How are you all doing over there? How's life? I was just in the loo meditating and realized I've got an outfit to share. It's also going to be a little review of the new A little Late with Lilly Singh show. I'm a fan of her old witty sketches especially the ones involving the 'parents' and any skits with Lilly turning into a man will have me too excited for words. She makes such a funny and realistic one, haha!

Before we get into the hot topic, let me show you what I wore for my brisk walk one fine evening. It's made of a sleeveless top and joggers, plus my walking shoes.

The top is in brick red and the pants in melange navy. The shoes, well they're a mixture of black, silver and neon pink/orange. I wore a pair of sports socks with neon pink accent. These socks have changed my sock-wearing game. They stay put and they're cute! They even come with a 'right' and 'left' labels so you always wear the same sock for each foot.

My right foot is slightly bigger than the left foot and it is important to keep each sock for each respective foot unless you're okay with your left foot slipping out of the stretched-out sock, which had often happened before I started to use these karrimor socks. I'm not sure if this is all BS, but so far, on my feet, these socks have deepened my appreciation for good exercise socks.

Socks aside, I have been watching Lilly's late night show and especially enjoyed her interview with Tracee Ellis Ross. The rest of the celeb interviews are okay but I don't watch the show for them. I just wanted to see Lilly in her elements.

Lilly's been a major inspiration to me but I have to say that the humor style for the show felt rather tired. Lilly has a huge fanbase but I am not really feeling this show very much at the moment. With an intention of opening conversations on topics regarding discrimination, the level of wokeness that the 'comedy' is injected with came across as aggravating. That said, it needs to be less identity-based, more inclusive in general.

Everyone laughs at different things but so far I am not laughing much when it revolves around the topic of gender, sexual orientation and skin color. It gets quickly divisive and Lilly's writers must take the constructive feedback and use it to the show's advantage.

Also, can we have a conversation between the host and guest that is relaxed and open-ended. Everyone invited should be able to speak without having their slot bamboozled and made into some 'woke' commentary. If we can't all be tickled by the same jokes, then at least, let the spotlight shine on TV show guests that were invited in a positive and fun way.

For those who are wondering what in the world is 'woke' - it refers to being aware of current issues related to racial discrimination and various forms of injustice and discrimination. Lilly has always been a champion for these issues which is amazing! Her Girl Love campaign for example, is admirable. In her show, however, the constant 'jokes' fueled by such subjects when utilized tyrannically, feels energetically bitter or salty.

Using racism to curb racism makes for a poor recipe for humans coming together. It is alienating, let it rest. While I admire and support Lilly (I have and loved her book!)I personally do not care for the characteristic of the humor applied on her TV show.

My suggestions for Lilly's late night show:

** Go back to the basics: create relatable jokes on topics the average person regardless of representation can laugh about. It's a late night show and people are unwinding, get with the flow of feel-good content that can inspire a simple chuckle.
** Incorporate her much-loved 'parents' in the show through funny short clips. It's a thing that her fans keep mentioning they're missing.
** When interviewing guests, really, really, focus on them! Yes, you can bring u some important 'woke' messages but do it with LOVE! Not with an us-vs-them mentality and energy.
** Invite creative underrated YouTubers to share the spotlight, because why not? Lilly came from the YouTube land, after all!

I hope this was fun to read for those who's been following Lilly Singh. For those who have no clue, I hope my pictures are enough. Heh.

My thoughts aside, what is your personal experience watching her new show? Drop your comments down below - I enjoy reading each one!

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