Furry Goodness

Friday, December 6, 2019

Furry Goodness

The time my fluffy cats take over the space and spread heart-melting cuteness all across the globe.

Are you ready? Let's scroll on down!

Tidus gets cute and ready for his yummy wet food in a can.

Aiden joins in the fun by showing us his carefully-styled striped tail as Tidus strikes a cat vogue magazine pose.

Tidus wonders why I am still squatting on the ground with the weird thing in my hand that makes a sound.

Tidus continues to get even cuter in preparation for his delightful meal while Aiden plots the next cute move while looking absolutely adorable.

Now, Aiden joins in the cuteness-spreading sesh by getting extra cute along with Tidus before the feast begins.

Both kitties are furiously grooming themselves to the level of cuteness unlike we have ever seen before.

The can of cat food sits in between them like a forgotten decoration. The one can on the ground, already empty of its contents reminds us all the importance of emptying ourselves of any preconceived ideas, notions and thoughts as we lean into the present moment.

Aiden becomes concerned noticing Tidus has lost his marbles as he looks like he is eating the table.

Aiden breathes a sigh of relief in utter cuteness after realizing that Tidus is still sane and is styling his tail instead of gnawing the table.

The result of their evening bath time is evident: Pure unadulterated cuteness that turns every nook and cranny of your heart into jelly!

Both cats await for their human to do something other than squatting around in front of them as they are done with the whole thing! Cuteness level: Overloaded!

Furry story ends.

Moments after these pictures were taken, I opened the can and they gobbled up the yummy wet cat food with intense focus and appreciation. I didn't get to put the camera in their faces while the feasting took place because my hands came only in two pairs. Plus, I enjoyed looking at them eating too much to remember the camera!

I also hope the cuteness of my cats make you feel all warm and bubbly ready to seize the day.

Which one is your favorite cat? And how come? Share below!

As always to end this entry, here's a quote by Lao Tzu:

"To the mind that is still, the whole world surrenders."

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