Tomato Vibe

Monday, August 17, 2020

Tomato Vibe

The time I show you how I casually color-blocked an outfit.

Hiya peeps. How's it going?

I'm about to go and pet my cats for some quality feline and human chill sesh but first let me show you what I wore that other day. 

I was super inspired by Mica's color-blocking outfit formula that I had to dig up all the vibrant-colored pieces of clothing that were rotting in the messy wardrobe and this was what I came up with as I felt like wearing the cozy tomato red thrifted tee I snagged a while back in the days before the pandemonium. 

Instead of pants, I wore it with a knit pencil skirt in rusty orange bought online and slipped into a pair of running shoes to give the look a sporty style effect. I felt pretty cute and the cats approved. Not so bad.

Just that this skirt needs a pair of undies that go seamless under it as it does accentuate the lines of the undergarment. 

Girls, help! What kind of underpants do you wear with a skirt like this? 

This knit skirt is also pretty heat-insulating so I reserve it cool days as on the regular hot and humid default day in Malaysia, knits can be a bit much if one is spending time outdoors.

The top though is a tropical-summer-day-approved as it's made of breathable cotton. It's just that it's in hot tomato red and may compete with the scorching sun. I don't usually care for red on hot days but on this particular day, it was alright.

I read that the weather in the UK is about to get really wet after a heatwave (have a fun rainy season!) and in Wales, a lightning bolt was caught on camera striking the curve of a rainbow! What a gorgeous thing to witness. 

Weather aside, I'd like to say hi to my readers in Turkmenistan! (Wow, I managed to spell the country's name without the dictionary making a fuss.) Thank you for reading this blog! I appreciate is so much :) I'm bad at geography and had to Google where exactly is Turkmenistan and found that it is a country hugged by Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The language spoken there is called the Turkmen

Enough of this random bit of trivia, how is your day? Tell me what's going on in your head! The comment section awaits you!

To end this entry, here's a quote Jane Austen:

“I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.”

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