In Photos #3 Betta splendens

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

In photos: Betta splendens

The time, well, there's a really pretty fish to go googly eyes at!

Hey there, good old angels! What's going on? Sipped your cuppa tea yet? Ate that bowl of salad? It's okay if you're going to stuff your face with something fatty. I do that too.

Well peeps: It's that time again for photos to fill up this space. This time, I'll be letting our sweet fish Rupee, the stunning betta splendens to take up space and impress you with his beauty. 

These are screenshots from a few video recordings of him that had been uploaded on YouTube. If you're interested in looking at him moving around in your screen, then simply go ahead and visit him there on Snails & The Gang YouTube channel

If still imagery is your thing, then relax, stay here, scroll on and enjoy!

Images are screenshots from Canon EOS video recordings.

Hope you enjoyed looking! Till the next entry, stay safe, healthy and tickly!

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