Romper Sesh

Monday, June 29, 2020

Romper Sesh

The time I show you my floral summer pandemic romper.

Hiya folks, how are ya?

I'm just here in my usual location typing into the space talking to myself in my head. The sweet potato is waiting to be boiled. I just scraped some dirt off of its voluptuous body while giving it a wash under running water. I also sang Happy Birthday in my head as I washed my hands after giving the cats a fenugreek and apple cider vinegar bath. Tidus is having some fleas and I'm trying to get them to fly off.

In the meantime, while plotting for some baking plans and what veg shall I incorporate into my simple yet yummy garlic pasta, I remembered that I've got an outfit post to do. This was shot during the early parts of the MCO (movement control order) here in Malaysia while I tried my best to look cute for my cats and the humans in the house who were endlessly cooking!

So here it goes...

It's the most airy one-piece I got with petals and leafage as the theme.

I love the creamy beige shade and the general autumnal vibe of it. It was really hot at this point I took a bath 3 times a day. By bath, I mean the standard cold shower to perk myself up. Even as I seem to whinge about the weather, I do love the sunny days here in Malaysia. Especially the windy ones. These days, the weather is a mix bag of general wetness. I'm done with it but it's not yet done as it's the monsoon again.

Rambling aside, I was wearing a romper that's designed for the hottest summer. It's breezy, short and most suitable for lounging around the house during the lockdown and looks quite cute, if I may say so myself. Being that it's pretty short for my size, I wouldn't wear this out as I can't quite be at rest while feeling feelings pertaining to my posterior's underside sticking out.

In the house and around it though, I'm alright with that. Having said that, I wonder what sort of pandemic outfits you lot have been wearing? I'm going to leave you to enjoy the rest of the imagery. I felt quite artsy at the time so don't mind the splashes of noob painterly style edits.


I accidentally did a copy-and-paste of a selection I meant to put elsewhere and that inspired this. #LOL

Aiden, sweet fluffy cat needed a pat on his fluffy end, so I gave him some love.

Loving the floral motif. The neckline is rounded with a square drop at the back.

Sleeveless and super short for your legs to shine. Hairy or not!

Art direction inspired by looking through a keyhole. I joke. I confess I was clueless to what I was doing but I enjoyed it.

Ruching detail at the back keeps the bodice close to my body. Like a hug. Do you like this detail? I think it's sweet.

So, friends: what do you think of this look and rompers in general? Do you wear them? Do you think rompers are just for babies. What kind of romper style is your cuppa tea? Share below - I so would love to know! Till the next post, I hope you know you're great. Even when you're not. I see you. You're awesome! Take care and don't let the corona dull your shine!

Here's a quote by Abraham Lincoln (didn't know he was this funny) to end this entry:

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.”

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