What I wore to the local grocery store

Thursday, June 18, 2020

What I wore to the local grocery store

The time I show you my grocery-friendly OOTD in the corona times.

Nothing's changed except I wear a mask and look at people with judgmental eyeballs when they stand too close for comfort. My eyes are more expressive now as they're the only part of the face that get to be out in enclosed public areas.

Hi girls! It's time for another casual yet practical outfit post. I hope you've enjoyed going through the photo entry and the meander series so far. It's been a really nice for me making them.

One fine evening in the earlier corona days, I had to get some essentials. I didn't know what to wear but I knew it had to be cozy as it was kinda humid at the time.

I wore a super comfy OOTD to go to pick up fresh produce at the local grocery shop. It was during the early days of the MCO (movement control order) here in Malaysia. Of course, I wore the face mask too but I didn't wear it while I was just standing around outside the house with no one in close proximity.

The outfit deets:

A tee with a sassy and wise owl looking back at you with a tiny print saying "I see you" which I completely adore. It was a gift from my dear brother years ago. I paired the top with a pair of the lightest pants ever in my usual fave monochrome print. Wedged sandals to complete. I actually wore shoes when I stepped into the car.

Why? Well, I like to be able to feel the pedals when I'm driving and in shoes, I feel the most secure doing that. Sandals and slippers while driving are just a no for me. They disturb my ability to process the pressure level from braking and accelerating. Anxiety, I certainly need less when operating a machinery that is carrying me.

I also carried a tote which was not shown here.

Anyway, how are you doing? What do you wear when you need to do a quick purchase of essentials during the pandemic? Has anything drastically changed? What do you buy usually? I love shopping for locally-made fresh produce these days and have developed an intense appreciation for locally-grown veg and fruits. Thank you so much, Malaysian farmers for keeping us well fed during these peculiar times.

What do you think of the outfit? Share your thoughts! About anything and everything! I love reading them and thank you for spending your precious time reading my blog.

PS: Hello to my readers in Hong Kong. I appreciate your support :) xoxo

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