Meander Series #9 - Rest the Quest

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rest the Quest

The time you're getting two poems from me!

Dedicated to the stars, moons, suns and galaxies my mind can't wrap itself around and extraterrestrials and entities these eyes aren't equipped to perceive. Oh and yes, to you too, of course, the human that recognizes me as another human lurking from behind the screen.

On this meander series #9, I present two little poems for your reading pleasure. Hope you'll find something in them. Enjoy!

The first poem is for females(and other genders that can relate) who need a pick-me-up during the all to familiar insecurity attack that makes us obsess about our physical appearances. I had a body-image issue while growing up and I think a lot of females regardless of age can relate to. I've been practicing radical acceptance of my physical look that is heaven-given. Started it three years back. Still at it. I feel strongly about being your own kind of raw beauty. It is free to go beyond the contained box of society-approved standards. It's a kind of acceptance that needs you - your own self to relish and celebrate your own existence. It's a blessing to you and everyone around you!

So, here we go:

Poem Title: Rest the Quest

Be your kind of beautiful
that can stand
without the paint on your face
Conceal this, contour that..
Stop that..

Step into the breeze
At ease glowing
With health from within
No need to trouble yourself
To impress

Give that effort up
Especially if you're obsessed
Plant a seed of love
Transcend and end
the skewed mental images
stop fueling impossible
levels of outer beauty worship
It stands on mighty shaky grounds
Allow that mind grip to slip

Let your raw realness
Reveal something
True and effortless

Allow the light within
To come through your eyes
ooze from the skin
The easiest way is
to wear a heart of love

Rest the quest
That fixates on yourself
From the outside in
We're meant to shed this skin
Recognize this and be free


Next is another poem that was created during my late night session getting windblown by the sweet mountain wind:

Poem title: Mountain Spirits

Night mountain breeze
Oh so sweet
Surround this body
In your delicate yet sure arms

A city spared from decimation
Space rock in locomotion

Pink sunsets
Divine silent nights
Breezy palm-tree swaying delight

Tenderly ruffled hair

Earthy musk
Heady green
Lone frog sings
Old trees beam

Long pauses
Foliage dances
Moon shrouded
behind curtains of clouds

Sweet wind
I'm calling
Breathe your magic
Into all that
Invite you in


So folks, what do you think of these poems? Share your thoughts! I love hearing from you :)

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