Meander Series #7 - Do-Happening

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Meander Series #7 - Do-Happening

The time the writing fills the space yet again. Will you meander with me through this worded landscape?

// Mud --

Wooden benches scrubbed clean by a consistently heavy pour. Red soil in an italic style wave patterning the soaked pavement. Clear cool water puddles ready for the nourishing of new life. Hydrated greenery resting plump and still against a steady drizzle. Soft thudding on my transparent umbrella mixed with the sound of grit and gravel pushed by my walking trainers. A lone blue bird hangs out at by a low branch looking out into the muddy body of water. I head back home.

// Reasonless --

If you really need a reason to walk, don't do it. For years I have walked these paths, while walking, I forget about the walking and come into a place where I begin to notice the walking that happens to me. Alan Watts talk about a do-happening. How we are all it. At first, you think you are the doer of the walk until a moment comes that the doer and doing overlap. You feel the walking taking place and claim no ownership. You and I become the receiver of what is taking place. You and I are a do-happening.

// Canopy --

There's a particular direction when the light hits through a canopy of tall trees where I walk that makes me feel strangely submerged underwater feeling warm. With eyelids closed, something whispers for me to swim up to the surface. I begin to notice this sensation for a few days while walking and it's such a comforting sensation. Shaded yet in the company of tendrils of strong sun light reaching in between foliage straight into my heart.

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Big thanks for meandering with me!

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