Meander Series #2 - Air

Monday, December 30, 2019

Meander Series #2 - Air

There is not one but two short poetry along with the usual thought compilation.

The time it is the second entry of the Meander Series. Are you ready? Giddy with excitement? I am, in my imagination but in reality, it's a pretty chill mood right here! Alright, that confusing statement, aside, here it begins:

-- Air //

Air wraps around this body. Life holds me tenderly. I am cradled in her arms, the source of it all. Stars blink and clouds disperse. Cats witness something, as they exchange loving energy in the moment. Sensations take place. Humanly. Formly. I disappear. Life spills over.

-- Zero //

Absolute garbage and fine treasure. In between lies a line where reality dwells. Noticing wanting and averting; a pause welcomes a new way in living less hinged from reactive mental momentum.

-- Midnight Bird //

Long song
Past midnight
Lone bird
singing so bright
Morning dew
Early rise
Bird song 🐦
so true
Dearly strong
Dear love 🐦

-- Water Monitor //

Misty shower
every where
on feathers
of birds
flesh of dogs
neck of human
skies open
thunderous moan
water monitor
glides free
from under a tree

-- Walking //

Walking is never just walking with me. There is the lazy slow walk. The casual stroll. The slight jog that is more restrained than straight up running but that ain't walking. There is so much that happens while the walking is happening as it is often the case when it is done in a park. Scents whiff into the nostrils. Extra ripe mangoes make their way to the ground from mother trees. Sights of feathered fluttering come into the visual field. Colors sneak up on the periphery. Bright petals make an art on the grass and pavement. A droplet from the blue grazes the top of an eyebrow with an acute response as if being struck. Water spiders dance and draw patterns on the liquid surface. A crocodile-like lizard swoops leaving a trail of grassy noise. A lone eagle with wings wide open afloat on a wave of sweet breeze. This body is headed home.

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