Meander Series #3 - Blown

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Meander Series #3 - Blown

The time for meandering thoughts is here again!

Hi friends, it's getting sunnier by each new day here and I'm feeling it in between running for the cool windy arms of huge trees and nursing a bowl of ice cream!

While attempting to do a retro side-part to my newly-layered hair, I lost focused and started spritzing rose water on my face instead. It felt heavenly! Nothing beats cooling of the pores of the face with an awesome nature-inspired concoction.

I tried something new from the menu with my mom today and it was called Sooriya Kebab. I knew it referred to sunshine and was excited to try it. It was surprisingly cheesy which I loved but mom had to make do with the salad! It was a laugh as we'd thought it would be dairy-free. I love cheese so no complaints from this mouth.

Anyhow, let's move away from the intro chatter and right into further chatter I have compiled just for this entry.

// Blue Bird --

The blue bird appeared for the third time now and it'd perched on the metal that held up clothing wires at my neighbor's house. It was completely unexpected and a delightful surprise. In between its long beak, there was his meal. A fish perhaps though I couldn't detect what it actually was. For a moment, both of us seized each other's presence. I was holding the digital camera while this took place, frozen in spot. Eyes glued to the rare sight of a kingfisher at home where it was before it flew away. Thank you Life for this rare encounter. It made me so happy!

// Eagle --

Never gets old. Walking in the green. Spotted the sight of a really large eagle. It was spectacular. Would have liked to see it closer and for a longer time. Such a beauty. What a rejuvenating walk that was. I'm drenched. Ready to head home.

// Blown --

Have you ever immersed yourself in the play of the breeze? Letting go and feeling the sensations associated with being windblown. Something joins in with the wind, floats and dances and the twitches in your muscles - after a brisk walk - feel like beats, rhythmic as song birds sing and army of ants trudge through the fissures in the concrete into the sunkissed green. Your ideas of yourself dissipate and harmony rests with the witnessing. Thank you Life for all you have given me, especially the ones I could not see.

// Human Being --

I saw this quote on an old school red taxi - "I am looking for a human being". In a world full of people, how can it be that hard to find a human being? From where I am thinking at the moment,  I venture that the questioner is seeking for a human who has awaken from the dream. With an awareness that pierces through illusions and delusions, a human being with his or her heart in the flow of Life, not for any particular reason but that he or she understands how precious is the vital life force within that there's nothing to do but trust in life as the dance happens through her or his vessel. All of life is dancing and if we're ever only interested in the surfaces, which isn't wrong or bad, we may find something gets knotted into endless loops of meaninglessness. A human being that's awaken sees that everything has its season under the sun and return to self again and again after each play. There is appreciation of each facet of life with no automatic clinging and one learns to let go, again and again. Each one of us is precious and our time here is numbered but in living deeply, consciously with our hearts imbued with gratitude, we live forever.

// Nada --

Hello there, I am here on the bed stretching my limbs. Just relaxing doing absolutely nothing. I feel like writing something and that is what I'm doing at the moment. It's a bit laggy here in the brain department and that is expected as my menses will be flowing in a few days. I'm going to be doing nothing for a few moments.

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