The Indian Food Gem in Sendayan

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Indian Food Gem in Sendayan

The time I did a thing that was eating, breathing (not at the same time) and appreciating Indian food.

Short summary: I show you where to lace your starving stomachs with authentic Indian food in a cozy and eclectic environment right here in Seremban!

The long and exciting story:

Remember the post where I raved about a tea stall? Yes, that one. Well, it now has a sister (or brother)! So, what about it? see...that's the point of this entry!

Narayana Tea Stall officially opened its doors to avid fans of Indian food on the 31st December, 2019, at the eve of a brand new year.

Located at the new and spacious Sendayan's merchant square, the second branch of Narayana Tea Stall was launched within three years of their first branch opening located at the S2 Uptown Avenue. For many authentic Indian food enthusiasts, Narayana's second food joint was highly anticipated and delightfully welcomed.

I had the opportunity to step into the newly-launched authentic Indian cuisine restaurant twice and will be sharing how the dining experience was for me personally.

With my mom looking forward to review their plain uttappam, I had my stomach's mind set on a garlic cheese naan.

We got lost a few times while looking for the restaurant but with patience and my mom's keen eye, she spotted the restaurant and had the car immediately parked. I specifically wanted to come in the middle of the week as I preferred a quieter ambiance to inhale the goodness of Indian food minus the crowd while taking in the vibe of the restaurant at my pace.

Upon setting my eyeballs upon the building it was housed in, one had a sense that it was spacious. The massive and distinct green restaurant banner beckoned us inside. A minimalist glass door and windows with contemporary wooden panels and wood-inspired walls kept the exterior chic, streamlined and inviting.

Pushing the door in, a mixture of colors, lighted surfaces and various table seating options presented themselves before my eyes. I didn’t know where to place my behind as I was spoilt for choice.

In total, we changed our tables three times because I wanted to sit at the most comfortable spot to look at every nook and cranny. In contrast to the minimalist outer, the inner sanctum was brimming with character. Narayana’s second branch stands particularly distinguished from its first humble restaurant.

It adventurously combines the look of an eclectic hip-hop bar and a high tea lounge sprinkled with industrial edge. As you walk further into the middle of the restaurant, you will be greeted by a Ficus Lyrata tree that is hugged by a round seating area with curved dining tables. The cute tree stands tall as it faces up to a skylight roof.

The use of statement lighting sets the mood and if you’re especially prone to immerse yourself in aesthetically-pleasing spaces while dining, you will have a lot to chew on, literally and figuratively here.

There are intricate laser-cut lighted partitions that make each space cozy and your dining experience, elevated. Graffiti-style wall art utilizing dimensional vibrant rainbow colors were painted into your favorite Marvel superhero figures. This part of the restaurant easily gets the most crowd, as I've witnessed during the two times spent there.

During our first time there, thirst got the best of me and I proceeded to down the piping hot chai hastily and instantly regretted my decision. Luckily, the heat scalded only the tip of my tongue and I still could appreciate the earthy aromatics of the tea flavors using the rest of my functional taste buds. Yum. In between sips, I noticed my mom enjoying her black coffee with a happy smile on her face.

For our early dinner, I ordered the garlic cheese naan. Mom had her mind on as I'd said: uttappam. To balance and add complexity to our carbs, we ordered the tanduri chicken and sautéed bendi (aka lady's fingers or okra).

Upon demolishing the naan with my teeth, I was thrilled to find that it was light yet filling enough but being a cheesy person, I really wouldn't mind if it came overloaded with cheese. The tanduri chicken was heavenly seasoned and roasted to perfection. I spent some time inhaling the scent of fresh herbs that marinated the tenderly caramelized chicken before finally placing it into my salivating mouth. There was a green mint sauce to dip the tanduri chicken into and that I did as I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the fresh cool mint against the roasted smokiness of the chicken.

The okra stir-fry lightens up our gastronomic experience as it was minimally spiced, with sweet onions complementing the fresh green taste of one of my favorite vegetables.

In comparison to their first restaurant in S2 Uptown Avenue, the new menu here is more elaborate with a variety of naans and their accompanying side dishes such as the beautifully-caramelized and flavorsome tanduri chicken. For those with a sweet tooth, get really excited as besides their sweet Indian desserts like the kesari or gulab jamun, they now spoil you with an assortment of contemporary cakes to polish off your spicy Indian meal with a soothing modern bang.

The cakes include creamy marble cheese, red velvet, carrot and a scrumptious mandarin orange square to cool off an overly stimulated palate.

Their classic kesari though, still appealed to me and so I gulped that down during my second visit.

I was given the opportunity to taste a special upcoming beverage for the caffeine addict called the Rengit coffee. The aroma of coffee got me at hello. It was light in terms of body, bright in terms of acidity and earthy in terms of aroma. I took it without sugar and am a fan of the toasty notes that gave the coffee personality. It appeared tame but the caffeine was strong for a lightweight like me.

Additionally, we also tried something new called the tanduri pomfret. I learned that a pomfret was a fish that day. The smoky fish chunks were enveloped in a palate-stimulating herbal marinade that triggered your brain cells to wake up, kind of like the tanduri chicken but this one was extra spicy. Fish lovers with a penchant for zingy flavors will appreciate this dish!

The pomfret was meant to go with some naans or fluffy white rice but we ate them on their own as a separate protein snacks. Honestly though: Our first round of soft uttappams had disappeared into the digestive system when we chowed them down together with the curried vege stir-fry.

Curiously, instead of hydrating myself with a glass of plain water, I ordered Narayana’s best-selling signature hot tea instead. Note to self: Hydrate with plain water first.

Parking space in Sendayan merchant square is abundant as it is still a developing square. You can literally park anywhere. The roads are enormous and for nature lovers, there is a little garden called the Carnelian Park to take a stroll over after a hearty meal. It's a green space located a few minutes of walking distance from the restaurant with dome-shaped architecture towering over a man-made fish pond.

For special events, corporate meetings and celebrations, the restaurant has a dedicated private dining room available for usage. At a rate of minimum RM 300, it accommodates a maximum of 30 people inclusive of a customized menu tailored to your preference. The space has a minimalist industrial charm to it: Grey walls with industrial touch, homemade wooden light fixture covers with a rustic flair and a pair of tinted glass panels peering into the interior of the restaurant.

Love the tea so much you want to brew it at home? Then, be sure to get your hands on their exclusive Tribute tea powder priced at RM 12 per packet. Yes, it's the same tea powder used in the restaurant!

With that said, if you are all about experiencing authentic Indian dining nestled in a space that is modern and eclectic, I recommend that you clear your calendar and get yourself, your friends and family to Narayana Tea Stall at Sendayan right away for an Indian food feast to remember.

For more details, please get in touch via:

Facebook: Narayana Tea Stall
Physical address: 230, Jalan Pusat Perdagangan Sendayan 3/4, Sendayan Merchant Square, 71950, Bandar Sri Sendayan, 71950 Siliau, Negeri Sembilan
Phone: 06-792 3684

Well friends, what are you waiting for? Give the restaurant a visit if you find yourself in the area. Indian food cravings can be only be remedied by eating it. Get yourself properly treated there!

On a fun note: What's your favorite Indian food/drink/dessert? Share below - I'd love to know.

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