A GREEN Tea Stall

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A GREEN Tea Stall

The time I found a tea stall in my town and tell you all about it.

Hi friends, what’s up, what’s down, what’s not up and down?

Okay, now that I’ve made the default awkward intro sentence, let me confess about my love for eating out. It’s one of the joys in life having to be able to step out and sit down like a proper bum with my mom and stare at food and drinks presented at the table by dedicated food workers and inhale the scents with anticipation as my mouth waters.

Let me confess another thing about my food attitude. When hungry and it involves my first main meal of the day, I am like a possessive tiger that is far from sweet, kind or generous. I guard my food like a non-domesticated cat and hesitantly share unless you are someone new or still relatively new in my life.

Anyway, this post is not about my grumpy eating lifestyle. But it kind of relates to that. I love hunting down for food and one fine day, about a year plus ago, I stumbled upon a place called the Narayana Tea Stall. After crying a river over the old Indian food spot that was there previously that closed down for some unknown reason, I kept an eyeball out to see if some new shop would open up.

And that was the first time I saw the signage that spelled Narayana. The design from outside got me excited even though it was not officially opened for business yet. Being a stalker of new Indian food outlets, I quickly declared to mom that, eat there, we must!

From the outside, Narayana Tea Stall was an interesting contrast to other food joints that specialize in Indian Cuisines in Seremban that are more casual in their exterior designs. The outer and inner parts of the establishment tempt you with its retro urban aesthetic making you wonder whether it is really Indian food that they serve and, delightfully so, they do.

I must confess that the mushroom 65 was my first favorite plate of Indian snacks that I enjoyed there along with the crispy onion pakoda as they were so tasty. Sitting inside of Narayana's, you get to admire the fun interior wall art decorations that feature the wise Yoda, Michael Jackson, a billion chocolates and a whole lot more. I especially like the wall art that has a quote saying that you bring what you put on the table. The lighting fixtures are eye-catching and I like staring at those when I have nothing to say as I sip on a hot drink.

That said, they are maestros at making delicious drinks and that is why they are called the Narayana Tea Stall in the first place. I love a hot caffeinated beverage to wake my brain cells and so it is of no surprise that I kept ordering the coffee minus sugar every time I was there.

Why should you visit Narayana for Indian food in Seremban, you wonder? Well firstly, there is Indian FOOD there! And if you love it, you must! Also, it is a place that is friendly for senior citizens with ample parking spots so your aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandads can get there comfortably and ready to feast.

Plates of yummy Indian food ready to be inhaled. // photo credit Narayana Tea Stall

Secondly, it is a cozy place for chilling out with your family and friends drinking flavorsome tea in a feel-good setting with music in the background playing. If you are ill with the flu and about to keel over, please kindly sip on some hot Narayana tea. They have a varietea!

And you will not be disappointed unless they run out of tea which has not happened yet, thank goodness. I love their mint tea as it is so refreshing and will take you to places when in actualitea you are just staring awkwardly at a space in between the eyeballs of a waiter and now he thinks you are a bit mad. But that’s okay; the tea is heavenly like that.

During their peak hours though, the place gets a high traffic of hungry people so you have to be prepared to wait for a seating. If you're a hangry tiger like me, please put something inside that tummy of yours or come at a more quiet time.

Another highlight of sitting at Narayana’s on a hot and humid evening to chillax and philosophize is that the chilled lassi drinks are yum.

Depending on the fruit you like that is available on the menu, it is really a quenching experience. I love the mango lassi the most and can drink the whole glass down without pausing to take a breath! For a rejuvenating pick-me-up on a hot day, try their lime juice which is divine.

When not at the table checking on whether you have the perfect tea, Narayana Tea Stall founder Mr. Ravindran is busy playing the tabla. // photo credit Narayana Tea Stall 

Recently the tea stall has been making it their main aim to go green with a campaign Leave A Better World Behind For Generations To Come and since we’re all part of Momma Nature, this initiative deserves a grand applause. Where I am live in the quieter side of the Seremban town, there are only a few Indian food joints around and the green approach is still quite GREEN.

NTS’s green approach sets the standard for the local food industry in Seremban to combine an environmentally-aware strategy in the way they operate their business. NTS has made sure that their green initiative is backed up with some real foundational work.

And here are some of their Earth-loving approaches that are in practice:

1. Paperless – Receipts are given upon request only
2. Hand-Dryer Method – To reduce and eliminate use of tissue rolls and save the trees
3. Water-Filter Dispenser System – To encourage guests to drink and stay hydrated and it’s a no bottled water policy in the premise
4. Gathering of old bottles and cans for recycling
5. Green Transportation - Electric scooter and bicycles for their staffs to reduce carbon emission and noise pollution

Their awesome green movement aside, if you have strong love for something SWEET, don’t forget to give their Indian desserts a try. I recommend the kesari as it is made with a level of sweetness that is beautifully balanced with the complexity of the luscious ghee. Have it before or after your hot and spicy meal or simply, as a snack with a cuppa hot chai.

Kesari every day for the sweet tooth in you. // photo credit Narayana Tea Stall

For a direct gastronomical experience of the delightful South Indian food in Seremban 2 in a place that actively takes part in preserving Mother Nature, feel free to give NTS a visit.

Address: 201, Jalan S2 B14, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan // Phone: 06-603 0831

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