Winning Dress Style Tips For The Petite Woman

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Winning Dress Style Tips For The Petite Woman

Finding for the right dress that fits your petite frame can be a challenge. So, here are some practical dressing tips for the petite woman.

If you are on the petite side, there is so much you can get away with! However, you don’t just want to get away with stuff, you want to look like the dress was made for you. There are certain tips and tricks you can use to really complement your smaller frame and this article will reveal some of that.

Maybe you are shopping around for a prom dress but are seriously stuck for ideas on where to start. Well, this article will give you some great starting points so you can look effortlessly chic in 2018 cheap short prom dresses.

Petite 101 Fashion Guideline

1. Choose a dress with vertical lines – This can elongate the body and give you the illusion of length. When you do go for prints however, try not to go for anything too overpowering. Smaller patterns are great and will complement your frame effortlessly.

2. Look at necklines – Prom gowns with a good neckline that draws attention to your upper body is a must. This way you can get away with wearing maxi dresses and other gowns that you love. V-necks and scoop necks will give you a heightening effect.

3. Armholes – Keep an eye out that the dress’ armholes don’t leave any of your bra strap on display. Always keep this area in check if you want to get the seamless look that maximizes the beauty of a petite women.

4. Sleeves – If you are wearing a dress with sleeves, make sure the top of the shoulders and the start of the sleeves align. You might need to get a tailor to make minor alterations if you want to get it looking perfect.

5. Colour block strategically – Colour block dresses which cut the body into half can do you no favours. Think about how you want the colours to complement your body and create a silhouette that flatters you.

6. Go with monochrome – The fewer the colour changes on the gown the better. You want to make sure you go with simplicity and less on complexity. Spicing things up with accents of colour here and there works perfectly, however.

7. Go with form-fitting dresses – As you are petite, you are lucky to find that many formal dresses will naturally look good on you. However, to emphasize your unique figure, find for form-accentuating gowns that will highlight your shape.

8. Get a tailor – If you haven’t already, gowns need to fit you so you can pull them off perfectly. If they hang awkwardly in any way, this may compromise the look you are aiming for.

9. Choose smaller accessories – Oversized statement jewellery can be overwhelming on a smaller frame. To keep it safe, opt for jewellery items that are minimal and smaller in size.

These are just a few practical ways you can keep your proportions looking amazing and I hope you will find the pointers helpful. Choosing the right gown and knowing what to stay away from will aid you in getting that perfect formal dress for you.

Well peeps...what do you think of these tips? Are you petite? Share your thoughts about how you dress for your shape down below - We can all learn from one another.

To end this post, here's a quote by Lao Tzu to ponder:

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.”

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