Batik Patchwork

Friday, September 11, 2020


Batik Patchwork

The time I show you how I style batik patchwork shorts.

As I entered a zen mode while plucking my upper lip hairs, I realized I needed to do a post on this casual outfit. So here it is, folks.

How's everything going on there? I'm trying to focus on typing up a semblance of a sensible sentence but dinner is calling my nose to check out what is on the table. Be right back.

More than half an hour later...

Hi! I'm back with a happy stomach. Dinner was good. I had a bowl of white fluffy rice with crispy anchovies fried with turmeric spice, stir-fried bitter gourd with egg and leftover sardines with chili. Yum! Thanks to mom and sis for whipping up such a balanced meal. 

As I mentioned earlier, I've got an outfit to share with you. I had came up with a casual outfit one fine evening and it centered upon a pair of batik shorts, a gift from sis from when she went to Bali for a wedding, pre-rona. Those were the days of whimsical international travels...

At the moment, Malaysia isn't accepting anyone from outside of the country and everyone inside is supposed to stay in, till the virus settles. When, you ask, well, nobody knows. It's a strange time, but since I have been inside the country for the bulk of my life, I can only approximate how it must feel like for a travelling type of person. 

Anyway, back to the outfit: I paired a thrifted dusty green top with the patchwork shorts and finished off with a pair of old military green sandals. So, here's a few of the pics to show you the result:

Standing around pretending to inspect something..

I look like I'm about to swallow the camera but I'm not...

Breathable batik shorts with pockets say hi...

So, there you go! What do you think of the look? Not you cuppa tea? Totes feeling it? Meh? Share below! I'd love to hear from you. New blog readers, thank you for swinging by! I really appreciate it. 

To existing ones: You're so lovely. Thank you for always showing me love! I feel it!

Till then, take good care and don't forget to spend time in nature.


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