Meander Series #12 Light Touches

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Light Touches

Hi! It's time for another one.

Well, hello there, earth-dwelling, mask-wearing, perky-eared human being! I hope you're well, in the pink of health, equipped with masks when you're out and about. I know it's dreadful to wear a darn mask and I'm not a fan of it myself but hey, you've got to be smart about getting around as we live through the rona times.

Anyway...If you think that I've stopped it with the meandering series, then let me tell you that it''s absolutely in your head! 

I've got tons of these written passages waiting to be unearthed here and if you've been following so far, hey, thank you so much from the deepest and darkest crannies of my heart - physical and subjective. 

You are not obligated to run your eyeballs through every line I've written and yet, you are here. Thank you!

So, let's start the reading for today, now shall we? 

Feast on these words and may they offer you something in return.

It's a short paragraph, you can pause your Netflix/YouTube. Put your pet hedgehog to bed later. Ask your kids to be quiet. It'll be over in seconds (for the fast reader) and approximately 3.5 minutes for the tortoise.

1. Let me articulate this

When I am by myself, there is an awareness that exists in a way that is free of effortful juggling of attention that may come in the way when there is company. I become aware of the surroundings in their various sensory aspects: sounds, scents, sights, sensations that arise and go, intangible information that make themselves known without my trying to tease it out. I fall in love with this deepening of my experience of life, resting in beingness, being a witness to the many colors and shades of Life. This fills me up with gratitude and love. There's a sweetness in life that makes itself known if we care to open our hearts to receive it. It is not bound to specific persons, things, occasions or places. It's not only available to me, tt is there for everyone; the light touches all and all you and I have to do is - forget our abstractions, rest our conclusions, come to the present and be that mighty living expression. Set the noise aside, or come to a juncture where the noise slides away and then, feel the curtains part. Be in the moment for in it truly ever lies, the existence of our wild creative fire.

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