Meander Series #10: Water Beasts

Friday, July 10, 2020

Water Beasts

The time you will get a free poem and a scribble of when I was cold to the bones on the rare occasion I was on a mountain.

Hiya friends, how's the pandemic treating you there?

It's been improving quite a bit here in Malaysia if stats are to be believed. In the meantime, I'm back with another episode of the Meander Series. Are you ready?

I am ready!

So, let's!

1. Cold Highlands

Here I am in a cute room on the Highlands. It's visually cute but cold and annoyingly damp. Alas, it's a room I get to keep for myself, hopefully for a quick night before we head on to a sunny place, please. I am exhausted but this coldness is not letting me fall asleep. It's the wrong temperature for my very tropical body. Never mind, I am grateful that we have finally settled into our temporary accommodation. I miss my cats. I want to turn on the hair dryer for some warmth but then think perhaps, I should let my body acclimatize. Coming here reminds me why the Highlands and I are far from an item. There's a sound coming from a construction site right now. I am sensing that it is best to stay awake whilst on relaxed mode. Which I am currently doing/being now. Thank you Life for being here with me. There's a window I initially wanted to crack open but it is freezing outside. I decide to let my own internal body temperature raise the room's temperature. I think I'm having bouts of home sickness now. The last time I slept away from my own bed was a while ago. That's a long time. I miss my own bed. I just need to type it out there because that's how I feel, aside from this cold. It's just hanging over me now. I have to change my pants. Great.

2. Poem title: Explorer

Wide open roads

Free greenery

Flapping in the

Kisses of the breeze

Boundless mother lands

Grounded hens

Anchored boatmen

At ease

In communion

With water beasts

Angsty angel winds

Beaten paths

Hidden terrains

Guardian spirits

Night misfits

Rising sun

Darkening dusk

Blinding lights

Blackest corners

Sweet home

Nestled near

Our common lair

Within us



Image Credit: Photo by Monique Laats from Pexels

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