Grocery Chic

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Grocery Chic

The time I wore something.

Hi peeps. What's up?

I'm listening to Jazz for working on YouTube and wondering why I feel like dancing instead. Let me change to a mellow one. Okay, that's better. Oh no, now I feel like getting under the covers. LOL.

Anyway...about this post. It is an outfit type one.

The OOTD was made of a casual outfit I wore from the full quarantine period.

Right now, everyone's pretty much easing into living life as they normally do but with better hygiene and more social distancing in the mix. For this, I'm grateful for. I'm due to shampoo my hair tomorrow and I'm about to give my scalp an oil massage. Lately, my hair has been looking great and thick! I've not visited the hairdresser since last year and I'm alright with it. I'm letting my hair grow out more before I do.

I wore a baby blue sleeveless top with a comfy pair of monochromatic pants in black and white. To go with the blue mood, I slipped into a pair of oxfords in a bolder blue. It gave the look a bit of oomph, I think. However, to go run errands for the day and then some, I switched into running shoes because I was going to catch the breeze and sniff scents at the town's garden.

That's it from me now, folks. Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it so much :)

To end the entry, here's a quote by George Gershwin:

"Life is a lot like jazz. It's best when you improvise."

Blue Oxford Shoe Inspo:

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