Meander Series #4 - Birds Are Singing

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Meander Series #4 - Birds Are Singing

The time there are thoughts about thoughts, carved names on a shedding tree bark and two little poems written while immersed in nature.

Are you ready for a quick reading sesh? Enjoy!

-- trees with carved names //

Some like carving names on tree barks for whatever sentiments they hold. But do they even care to find out if the tree spirits fancy being handled that way? The skeletons of names hold on to the outer part of the shedding barkv of a tree in front of me. Like all things in phenomenality: They form and will shed in the nick of time. It is just her rhythm. The beauty that lasts is an intangible vibrancy.

-- not at all //

I'm not what I think I am. Not at all what you think I am. Our thoughts can at best approximate and at worst distort. I am what life intends. For a while, in this form.

-- in the breeze //

black in the sky
green in the soil
white out above
blue reverberates
yellow in the breeze
ash grey gathers
brown on the skin
bright in those eyes

-- legs //

birds are singing
skies about to cease raining
legs itch for a walking
oh my,
what a blessing

-- pure //

They will all recede when you let them through. The art is in letting them through.

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