Meander Series #8 - Weaving

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Meander Series #8 - Weaving

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// Curry --

I'm writing this at Swarna's. Third time I'm here and I am sipping hot tea. The idli is tender, the kind that makes you happy to have a mouth. The delicious dhal and curry gravy that are served along with it completes my mid-evening snack. Temperature is optimal. Not too cold. The scent of incense is subtly weaving in the air. Soothing. Rain pours outside. I'm grateful for the existence of such a simple spot to sit still with myself while out. Today, the rest of the patrons are male. An unknown Indian music plays in the background. Something tells me it's hopeful even though the language my brain fails to translate.

// Post-cooking --

Familiar homely scent. Vege curry stew and freshly cooked rice permeate the air. I sit near the AC occasionally looking at Aiden having a nap after his short self-bathing session. I go to him in a dash and he meows inquiring what am I up to. He settles back down letting me pet him. He is quite a darling cat and I am blessed to be loved by the gentlest soul. Another gentlest soul in feline form is Tidus and as we go outside near the front door, Tidus peers at me from over the car roof. All relaxed and loving. I give them their last snack for the night as I have to go to bed early. The moon is blurred out from behind a veil of clouds.

// Soldier on --

Soldier on with love because hate inspires violence. I'm not suggesting to remain passive but to choose your battles and approach them with less of a need to win. When people step over your boundary, embody assertiveness and respectfully tell them to cut it out. While doing so let compassion perfume your words. And beyond words, let your action be done in the way of love. You have the power to move others and the best way to do it is by your own example. Let others respond in the way that is natural to them. If they become agitated, let them. Remove yourself from the scene. Reduce interaction until the fires have sizzled. Be your own ray of light. Forgive. Live on. Smile with every inch of your being. Embrace the present with presence. Dwell in the power bestowed by Life to each being. You can do it! Simply be it.

// Shroom story --

There's a mossy wall. There's a newly painted concrete dotted with bird poo splatter. You can't see where the bird poo begins in a mossy backdrop but you can appreciate the artistic twist upon man-beautified architecture contributed by nature. You can, of course, clean the poop up but come the next day, new ones may take form like mushrooms after the rain. Talking about shrooms, I was lucky to spot a healthy bunch of white-headed ones during my walk. They mysteriously disappeared once I returned after half an hour.

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