Blue Leopard

Monday, April 27, 2020

Blue Leopard

The time I wore something blue with a leopard print and experienced deja vu.

Hi there. Another outfit entry for you folksies.

The last time I wore a vibrant blue outfit was way back in 2016 and curiously with pants that had leopard print on them! This outfit though was worn at the end of last year. Yup, before there was even a sniff about the corona.

To accompany the blue top, I wore leopard jogger style pants with a pair of colorblock style shoes that carried the blue color details. I have no idea why blue triggers me to wear something leopard-y.

I think it's pretty fun styling a look with a particular color on your mind. The blue here is anchored down with the neutral pants that were in black and beige even though they were patterned quite strongly in a leopard motif. I love leopard prints so these pants are a favorite!

It has been a month of restricted movement here and l am aware of the privilege l get to be at home with the family while we ride the pandemic waves together. I am truly grateful to our local grocers for keeping us fed with fresh produce. And of course, our active frontliners that risk their lives every day to keep us all safe. I thank my considerate neighbors for being amazing even prior to the pandemic.

That said, I have no love for wearing masks. Hahah except that I have to wear it when I go out grocery-hunting. My skin really gets sweaty under the mask and I have a lower jaw that is sensitive. To keep me motivated when I don a face mask, I think of these things:

* Wow, I am free to look less than pleasant. Half of my face is hidden!
* What if there's food stuck in between my teeth? No problem, nobody's going to notice anyway.
* What if I feel like sticking my tongue out for no reason? Hmm.. I can do that and chuckle in my own head!
* I can wear my lips in neon green and it'll be a secret between me, myself and I!
* I can make a face, keep a straight eye and still appear socially-appropriate.
* My mouth is covered = less talking. Less interest in talking. More observing. What alien fish type is this? I never bothered to check the fresh fish area then before corona and now I am on the edge of a discovery!

SO peeps, there's so much to appreciate when you really think about your half-cloaked face while selecting that perfect batch of onions.

Everyone here seems to be obsessed with shallots that I spared myself from hovering in the distance by picking up the huge yellow onions to cook me some Indian curry. I'm about to do my first thosai (dosa) but I'm waiting for a dear aunty to share her tips with me! I so can't wait because I really want to surprise myself with my budding culinary love.

The kitchen life has been really interesting here post movement control order. What about your kitchen situation there? Anyone baked anything that turned out good or bad? Share your story! So far, I've baked an apple crumble pie and some vegetables. I didn't know ovens can be such fun. Other than oven baking, I hesitantly donned an imaginary chef hat and made a lazy chocolate cake using only four ingredients and an edible coconut milk pudding which was overwhelmed by mint leaves and starch. So far, I'm interested in eating whatever I cook even if it's so-so. LOL.

Well, that's a wrap. I will have to go now.

Take care! Thank you for reading my rambly outfit post. Till the next one, keep your face mask game strong while out.

Not a natural at social-distancing? Easy: Imagine a giant crocodile in between the next person and yourself, cringe and be thankful that your face is half-hidden. Love to touch your face for no good reason? Spray diluted vinegar on your hands. Your nose holes will detect something funky in the air and safe your face from being touched!

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