Poem - Before I go

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Poem - Before I go

The time there's a poem asking to be read.

Hi folks, what's up in your patch of green?

It's another week of restricted movement here in old Malaysia. I'm grateful to my mom and sis for their love and caring throughout the days being in the same space.

It's a surreal kind of holiday that has us reigniting our rusty love for cooking. It's been a whole month of devouring hearty home-cooked meals and it's a real blessing. I have cooked some things that got positive reviews and some a so-so ones. So far, I am in love with eating and then to make it all even exciting, losing weight at the same time! When I say I love eating, it's not synonymous as pigging out as some may assume. It means eating well according to the body's need and sometimes, purposely eating less. But always instinctual.

On the other hand, I really didn't expect cooking to be quite an exercise and one that, I have been enjoying. There is the prep process that can take a while, and then the main cooking business that will take some time and followed with the serving of food, eating which is the quickest part and then cleaning up after! There is something meditative in the whole process which I appreciate. This also also includes the feeding of my furry friends and recently, aquatic and plant ones!

That said, here's a poem I drafted a while back which I then kinda spiced it up while crafting this entry. I hope you will find something in it that speaks to you.


Poem title: Before I Go

Before I go,

Let me know myself

To the depth

Of her hidden territory

Let me feel

And sense

the spirit in all things

Every little tickle

Minute and mundane

Sparks and dull droning

Grey lanes and offbeat terrains

Let me hold them all

in the space where

they temporarily revolve

See them free

Then set forward again

Before I go

And as I go

Sweet life remains


So readers, what do you feel when you read this poem?

Be sure to share your thoughts down below - you know I do relish reading every single one of them!

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