In Photos #1 Gotu Kola

Saturday, April 18, 2020

In Photos #1 Gotu Kola

The time photos do the talking.

Hi friends, what's happening while you are quarantining?

Did you cook something delicious?

Was it delicious only ever in your mind? It's okay, there are more days to perfect your dream dish while you cook the foolproof ones so your family is spared from suffering and starvation. You know stuff like fried eggs, basic garlic pasta/noodles/rice and the like.

Mine is chicken feet soup with potatoes, carrots and snake gourd. I'm going to fry some anchovies one of these days. YouTube has been making me want to spend time cooking. The sudden foray into doable culinary adventures has been quite enjoyable, thanks to YouTube.

For today's entry, I am starting a photo type of thing for when pictures are enough to do the talking.

Let's start one today now, shall we?

Fantastic! Enjoy!

Photos captured from the old, dusty yet amazing Canon.

Till the next post, be safe!

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