Rant Piece: Virus In Us

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rant Piece: Virus In Us

The time some thoughts poured themselves out regarding the viral virus of the year. It's corona peeps, in case you're a visiting alien or that you've been living on another planet or an Earth duplicate.

Hi folks, what's up?

It's been close to our second week here in Malaysia with movement restriction in place. If it means that Mother Nature gets to heal up from our accumulated collective crap, we should all be thankful for the existence of the covid-19 virus. Nobody cared about it on this level when you really think about it. The usually most crowd-fueled avenues all across the globe are empty and close to empty that animals get a chance to come out and play. We were so everywhere pre-covid that nature skirted around us. We were bullies and didn't give a flying toss until we had to care.

In the news, they call the pandemic an invisible 'enemy' but let's be reminded that the virus had been existing in harmony with us before it got a taste of mmm, yummy humans. Did the virus make it an active mission to go for humans? It is existing in animals but animals do not go on a mission to make an enemy out of something even when they're infected and in the process of dying.

How did the virus 'jump' from animal to human then? Well, to put it simply, we were in the virus' face all the dang time! And since we're some kind of animal too and we're around it, so naturally, the virus felt comfortable to expand and upgrade its habitat. Bio war or whatever, to the virus, it is loud and clear: we are their new posh homes.

Since the covid virus is contagious, it spreads like wild fire. Wild fires: ring a bell, anyone? Before this particular biological wild fire, we were experiencing mad forest and bush fires. Mama Nature is on a roll. Get with her flow!

Start mindful living. Each one of us can do it. Just because we're used to having excesses doesn't mean we should keep up like a bunch of hoarders. We've got to let go of the exotic wild animal farming lifestyle, please.

Leave the poor pangolins alone!

The current economic system that is all about profit is unsustainable. In the quest for more, we're making our only home a dumping ground and overpopulating it with more stuff and tiny little humans like there's no tomorrow.

I'd easily liken it to an aquatic ecosystem that is running low on space and is carrying a toxic-level of bio load.  Something will die and before you know it, the whole thing collapses on itself! When diseases come to knock on your dusty aquarium glass, you bet there's something out of kilter somewhere. Same with the state of us.

Here's something else I'd like for us to ponder:

Could it be that we are the pathological virus that nature wants to reduce in number?

Could it be that we are burdening the ecosystem by our disconnection to mother earth?

Could it be that by grabbing our attention, we can actually work with Nature and live accordingly?

Nature's on reboot.

Let's stay out of the way so we don't overload our medical healthcare system too.

Enjoy living in these strange yet very special times.

Thank you for spending time for a read. Now, I would really love to hear your personal take on the pandemic - please share them all down below! Till the next post, be safe and merry!

Photo credit: Markus Spiske from Pexels

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