Poem - Rest At Ease

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The time I dedicated a poem to a lovely fish that made our lives brighter.

This poem came to be after our gorgeous betta fish, Bentan fell ill and passed away suddenly.

He had such a palpably sweet personality. He lived in a tank with a few guppy fries and a snail and left them to be that it showed us his tender spirit. He passed on quietly and I buried his soft body that used to be bright in red in the center spreading out like delicate flower petals.

So, here's one for you, sweet fish!

You will forever linger in our hearts...

Poem title: Rest At Ease

Love in your eyes
When you glide

It shows so true
Something dear
Inside of you

Love in the shade
Of a red pattern
Reaching out
Like a flower

You share
In your bloom

When your body ceases
to move

I carry you
In the palm of my hand
back to the soil

With the brown leaf
You always sleep on

Back to the ground
Rest safe and sound

I love you fish
Rest at ease

Your sweetness
Will forever
Colour us
Something different


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