At home look: Casual in floral shorts & summer flats

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The time I wore a pair of pretty floral shorts casually.

Hiya mortals, what's going on there? I just ate a tiny piece of fish cooked by home chefs mom & sis. I'm still hungry but I'm on interval fasting mode. Will break the fast after this post is published.

It's a lovely evening here but I am inside the house as l just couldn't figure if I should go move my limbs and stay fairly still and compose sentences or make sense of sentences. There was a bird at the neighbors' looking all fluffy and nice observing our equally fluffy cat Aiden as I pondered whether to leave the familiar threshold. Now I am looking outside the window just appreciating the sounds of chirpy birds and the sight of them dancing in the sky. 

Today's post entails the usual casual outfit; this one is another that I had worn on one of the evenings. It's a pairing of a black V-neck crop top and floral shorts with brown blooms over a cream canvas. I didn't know how else to style the shorts. Though they look breezy, they are the kind of shorts that are lined and can be worn in cool weather and venues. I don't usually opt for this style of shorts but it's alright for days I feel rather ladylike. 

The sandals are a latest favorite as they are so easy to slip into and there was a time I thought I had broken the clasp at the ankle but it turned out to be a design genius. The ankle of mine is pretty wide and I had tugged too hard on the strap to let my ankle through and it appeared to have broken. The pieces actually fit right back in together like pieces of Lego and I couldn't believe it. A perfect flat sandals for hot days and nights when toes feel like hanging out. These are from Ants Tribe Malaysia and I am so glad I found it on insta! They are called the Katy sandals and I believe they're out of stock. For affordable sandals you can slip into in the hot summer and are waterproof, these are it! I am not sponsored. Just sharing these random pair of sandals I decided to try. I rarely trust in scoring great footwear online as I am only ever trusting of the local sports shoes place because I got fussy thick & wide feet.

It's pouring cats, dogs and dinosaurs right now. I'm with Aiden in the house. The winds are kind of strong. My right toes are massaging the feline's furry neck. Even though Aiden is an outside cat, he prefers being inside when the sky starts grumbling. I am glad I stayed in today. Apart from the rain, it's all quiet minus the randomly roaring skies.

These are some pretty pink foliage, don't you think? Luckily my mom has green thumbs because if it were in my care, the plants would have turned into desiccated brown. 

That's all for now, folks. Hope you are alright and taking care of your health!

See you in the next one.

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