Colorblocking with green, peach, pink & yellow

Sunday, April 10, 2022


Colorblocking with green, peach, pink & yellow

The time I colorblocked subtly with a bunch of colors.

It's a casual outfit post with me once again. This time it's a comfy sporty look for stretching like a cat in the yard. The colors aren't exactly from the primary color gang as they're way diffused in appearance so they make such great shades for subtle colorblocking.

The top is light green, shorts are peachy, earrings are yellow and shoes are pink. I don't know about you but I'm feeling the combo I came up with for this outfit as I took some time to figure what goes with what to encapsulate the mood of this very casual ensemble.

Here are more of the photos taken for your visual consumption:

As an intermission, I would like to mention that it has ceased pouring here this evening. Skies still rumble and birds still dance and chirp. I can hear the sounds of the two ladies yakking in the kitchen as they attempt to brew a Chinese sweet broth also called Lai Chee Kang or Leng Chee Kang. It's a tasty sweet delicacy especially if you get the authentic variation. I have love for red dates and can consume them in the form of bone broth soup as well as in the sweet dessert one.

Aside from my love for red dates, I found out just today from a post shared by the ever informative sis that they ought to be washed prior eating. I am now completely put off because I've eaten them all unwashed. Nothing bad had happened health-wise but I shall be washing them now onwards. I love a fluffy plump creamy date fruit. They are a fantastic energy fuel and can aid in the feeling of satiety if you're searching for healthy snacks in between meals. Not for pre & full blown diabetic folks, of course.

Back to photos:

That's all for now, friends! Take good care. See you in the next one.

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