Meander Series #16 Soft Wings

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Meander Series #16 Soft Wings

The time to meander once more with me is finally here, folks. 

Hello there! What's going on?

Are you ready? I am! 

Get your favorite snacks, kick back, relax, and read up.



Folded in

Under water




It's there,

In the sprinkle of easy rain

In the eyes of a singing toad

In the magenta sky at sunset

In the distant rumble of the sky

In the brown leaves stuck to

the wet ground

In the presence of a stranger

It's there

In the still silence of the deep night

In the eyes of the lizard

In the sway of tall trees

In the flapping of soft wings

of a butterfly

It's there in the patter

of an after midnight rain

In the eyes of  a homeless man

In the freckled skin

of a green apple


in the mechanical rhythm

that hums through

the electric fan


Baked Fish

Sometimes, it's best to write; about nothing but everything the senses capture in the moment's delight. Such as my stomach grumbling even though I have eaten earlier. It's cold that even the phone feels chilly to the touch. It's quiet as it is deep into the might. The light from the phone allows for this impromptu typing. I hope for a sunny disposition to the weather tomorrow and look forward to giving Tidus his missed dosage of yesterday's antibiotics. It's called amoxicillin. The kind I will not take unless in dire states. Again, the stomach is speaking in the language of digestion. It's a happy stomach that had been filled up with baked fish with lime, butter and garlic, seasoned with salt and black pepper. I made a delicious salad comprising of zucchini slices, broadbeans, red onions, carrot pieces seasoned with salt, garlic, lime and black pepper. Plain yogurt with a touch of sriracha rounded up the dressing just the way that made my oral cavity water. A side of white fluffy rice to keep it all balanced. Proud of my simple yet healthy cooking, I've been doing these days. Thank you life for blessing me with an appetite and a body that readily metabolizes the things I eat. Thank you life for the things words can't even begin grasp and have no need for.


In the picture: Our angel kitten, Dottie. 

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