How I wear a melange red crop top with jeans...

Saturday, August 7, 2021

How I wear melange red crop top with jeans

The time I show you how I wear an old melange red crop top. Warning: It's pretty basic.

Yo friends, what's up? How's it going? 

Let me tell you what I did just now.

In the evening, I picked up a long forgotten jumping rope and started to jump rope outside in the porch with the cats gathering around to see what got into me. They were curious at first as to why I was screaming when the rope fell on top of my head as I jumped. And then, I nearly tripped and fell when the rope refused to coordinate with my jump. 

melange red crop top with blue jeans, cat tote, clay statement earrings

After I clowned around with the jumping rope realizing I needed to jump-rope more to get a hang of it, I noticed my cats had fallen into a drowsy evening slumber. Well, except for the young orange tabby, Chippy. He decided to give my sweaty self a hug after I settled my posterior on top of the outside stool. There he stayed on my lap with me sweating profusely as I updated my sis on the situation.

I read that screen time affects memory. Put your phone down and embrace the complex sensorial world right in front of you. Your brain will thank you.

Here's an article about how memory can be adversely affected by excessive photo-taking.

That being said, I had a good time sweating and moving my body. Later, I cooked a piece of chicken in butter and messed up the cooking time for the potato and brinjal. Both were delicious but only if you ignored how tough some of the potato chunks were. The brinjal slices were tasty too but in a way that were miserably undercooked. 

I love cooking for myself because I can be pretty fussy. And when the resulting meal isn't that great, I'm my best cheerleader.

Gordon Ramsay will only be completely disappointed, that's all. The chicken, however, was properly cooked and I shared some with the fatty cats, Aiden and Chippy. Tidus was no where to be seen because he was at his other human's home.

Today, I'm going to show you how I recently styled a melange red crop top. Oh wait, the photos have all been shared in the spaces above. Sorry, that's it folks, for now.

To recap: I wore the crop top with light blue jeans featuring superficial rips. Accessorized with a tote bag that featured a totes kawaii cat on it and a pair of eye-popping clay earrings in primary colors.

How do you like my outfit? Share your thoughts! About it or anything you have in mind. 

Till the next one, kindly take precious care, harness your creative energy, look at the sky, listen to the rain, turn off the screen, look at the wall and just be!

As always, thank you for popping by, it means a lot to me! Here's a quote to end this entry:

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