How I casually wear a leopard top with jeans once again...

Saturday, July 31, 2021

How I casually wear a leopard top with jeans once again...

The time it's a leopard mood once again.

Hi everyone! How are you?

It's a beautiful sunny evening here in old Malaysia. I'm grateful for the splendid weather. I hope you are in the pink of health while the world is a whirr of unhinged frenzy. I hope you keep your wits about you. And stay connected with nature amidst all of that is happening in your life.

That being said, I had saved this outfit for a later date because I was on a leopard roll. If you'd noticed, I wore leopard prints quite a bit this year after digging out the leopard patterned clothing that was left hanging in the corner of my room. I don't know why I'm partial to the wild animal print but I'm not going to bore you with the fact that I love cats, domestic ones and the big wild ones. 

Aiden, senior cat giving himself a bath one fine evening.

So there's that. I've been cooking lentils with pasta these days in a recipe that I came up on the go because I love coriander and cumin spices. The combination of the pasta with lentils and these spices brings such a jolt of excitement and comfort to my experimental palate. I'm thinking that I will be cooking it again tonight. What about you? What have you been cooking up in the kitchen?

leopard top with jeans

friendly cats joining me

sweet Dottie, i love you.

While walking around the ayurvedic section of the Indian sundry shop the other day, I stumbled upon a shampoo. That's how I do shopping these days. Stumbling upon something I don't really go for usually and finding a gem. I'll report back after I've used the ayurvedic shampoo in about two weeks as I'm excited because on first use last night, my hair was absolutely in a state I didn't expect at all. Yup, I went in with low expectations. Best way to approach life, these days, too, I suppose.

The leopard top has black lace detailing.

Dottie and Chippy being playful cats.

So, here's the outfit. It's pretty basic. Just the statement leopard top being all bold and in your face while anchored down by the jeans - in light blue and and old pair of brown sandals. These pictures were snapped earlier this year when Dottie, our precious kitten was still around.


So, what do you think? About this outfit or some other thing that's sticking in your mind. How's life lately? 

What did you do before you came on to read this post? Tell me something interesting or mundane. Whichever way, I'm all eyeballs here.

Just sitting letting my newly-washed wavy hair dry in the sun

As always, here's a quote to wrap up this entry:

Till the next one, look after yourself. Eat healthy, move the body, feed the spirit something wholesome.

My thoughts and prayers to those experiencing life and death situations brought about by the you know what, intense flooding, wildfires and all that is testing the survival mode within us.

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