Crop denim shorts OOTD: Wearing my favorite floral chambray sleeveless button down top

Monday, July 19, 2021

Crop denim shorts OOTD: Wearing my favorite floral chambray sleeveless button down top

The time I paired a chambray floral button down with a pair of DIY denim shorts.

Hi there, folks! How are ya?

I'd just gotten a fright of the night at the porch when an ear drum popping sound and balls of light broke in the sky.

Fireworks, truly are a piece of work created by a total idiot.

It's toasty here in old Malaysia, I'm here to report. I will be giving my head a good wash. I feel like I have typed these words a few times before. Currently, I am looking forward to making an egg toast with a lot of mix vegetables tonight. The fan is blowing warm air. The temperature is splendid for a cold shower to shock the cells out of their stupor.

Lately, it feels like the days have blended into each other. I'm grateful for having my health intact while I low-key whinge I miss walking out in the open. And also, I'm improving my health even more with strength exercises to activate my glutes. Apparently, they've been in a state of slumber aided with my extended sitting at the desk even though I was walking a lot before this lockdown. Now, I walk in circles out in the yard with my cats watching. At least, that's something.

Tomorrow, I plan of hunting down for "pisang berangan" also known as the daydreaming bananas. A head of healthy daydreaming bananas will go perfectly well with the mood of the week. My mom loves them and recently, I've learned to caramelized them with butter and wow, they're such a treat! 

Well, then, let's move on to the subject of this entry. 

The old floral chambray buttoned and collared sleeveless top had been hidden in the closet for quite a bit so I took it out and matched it with a pair of DIY'd cropped denim shorts. 

The waist bit, if you can see has side pleats tailored by mom because it was too big for my waist originally. You know how the band stretched over time and I didn't want to part with this cool blue denim so instead, I'd cropped it and left the dangly fabric bits there for a carefree whimsical look. 

I won't lie though: The fringe bits had on many occasions tickled me unexpectedly and a loud deathly scream could be heard coming from my pie hole as I'd imagined a sneaky insect attack. Realizing no insect was there in the first place, I grabbed a scissor and attacked the dangling bits of the fabric while breathing a sigh of relief.

Now, let's move away from my DIY denim shorts story and into what you'll be planning for the next meal. 

Alternatively, let me know how's your day been, what's the weather like and if you've got a clue on the state of the world with what you know has been in the air now.

Take care, have a laugh and stay feisty!

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