Poem: Pocket of the moment

Friday, July 9, 2021

Poem: Pocket of the moment

The time it's the long awaited poem time. 

Hiya friends, how are you? I'm here to report of my general wellbeing even though I had a bout of the ache in the head due to some hormonal fluctuation (my unreliable diagnosis). Fortunately, it's another 6853th lockdown here in old Malaysia and I could quarantine myself in a darkened room which I refused to do because it was nice looking out of the window.

So, there you go. I'm still around to witness this very iconic moment in time in the history of human existence. Waking up late today, I felt attacked by the sudden sensation that I'd tied my hair too tight and my scalp felt in need of a wash. The mild evening sun was a sight according to the eyeballs that looked out of my migraine brain. Alas, after a soul-quenching bath that involved a proper head wash (you know how we do ladies with wild mane, say yay), I feel about 23 years and 7 month in age. 

While the wrinkles beg to differ, let's ignore the charming part of my face and get on to the poem of the day.

Go on, you know you want to read it:

Title: Pocket of the moment

Fall into the pocket of the moment

Feel your body temperature

Sense the shape that is carried by the spirit,

The feeling that makes a reality out of "you"

Taste the spacious interior

that comes through

Mind not the contractions

of discomfort that grips

the top of your head

Allow the nameless to arrive

breath after breath

Absorb the light through

the thin windows of your eyelids,

Feel the warmth permeating, extending

It is a call, sweet and tender call

Heed it by noticing

behind the existential ache,

across the noise of bodily mechanics,

Something is being

Fall, why don't you,

Fall into the pocket of the moment

Release your weight, 

Find yourself afloat

Let it take you,

Straight through..


As you paused to take in the poem, I hope you're well and keeping the wits about you in this peculiar season. If you'd like to leave some thoughts about the poem or chit chat about nothing in particular, please do so in the comment space below. Till the next entry, take precious care.

Photo: Dottie, our kitten relaxing. She's been missing for over a week. We yearn for her return.

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