I have a soft spot for leopard prints

Sunday, July 4, 2021

I have a soft spot for leopard prints

The time it's a leopard print dress situation.

Hiya folks everywhere on planet Earth and a very special hello to Indonesian readers! I see you flocking this old page: thank you for visiting :)

I'm here today to show you how I wore a dress that I've not worn in ages. It is a leopard print dress with long sleeves. In the context of wearing a dress, I just slipped it over my head. It's done in a jiff. That's basically it. But here's a post to show how I looked while I had the dress on.

Enough about that. How are you? What's going on in your neck of the woods? Do you like leopards as in the wild big cat in general? What do you think of people that wear clothing with the print? Do you think I'm emulating the vibe of being a leopard? Am I basically a leopard wannabe? Truthfully, I have no idea why of all animal prints, the leopard one appeals to me. 

Wavy hair says hello

I woke up to rough skies today. There was rumbling and flickering while I stayed in the shelter in a dark room. Even with the curtains closed, flickering of light could be seen in the reflection of the tiled floor. Our precious kitten Dottie has been missing from home for a week now and we are missing her. I'm no stranger to cats being absent but she's only a kitten... 

Statement rectangle earrings I love

Now I know why missing cats are a feature in Haruki Murakami's book. Their absent furry shape shakes something loose in us. A loud thunder just gave me a free stomach exercise. Back to missing cats; it's a different kind of feeling for me after all these years but still, to miss and wish for the cat to return home is a feeling that can't be escaped. 

The back of it but I wore it in reverse so...

How I yearn to see Dottie's hazel eyes looking back at me as she squints tenderly in the way cats do to communicate love. I miss her playing with random bits and bobs like dried leafage, a piece of twig or the random ant. I miss her enthusiastic eating. I miss carrying her on my right arm like a baby as she purrs. I miss her relaxing by her favorite corner of the porch eyes heavy with sleep as she stretches her soft body and rests into a drowsy feline nap. 

The rain still poured and the sky still talked. I was looking forward to walking today but perhaps, tomorrow would present an opportunity when there is no lively grumbles and panic disco flashes. 

Anyway, I am hopeful that Dottie will return if she is able to. We have had our cat old ginger striped cat missing for a whole month and he returned. Some cats, of course, did not. In our hearts, forever, they stay. And in new cats, sometimes, they appear to have come back! 

For the outfit of the day, I wore a long sleeve mini leopard print dress. I had a leopard phase years ago that was seemingly bubbling up earlier this year. I could have worn a black belt to break up the leopard monotony and bring some definition to the waist, I feel. 

Long sleeve leopard print mini dress

To make the look pulsate with an 80s style vibe, I hung two toned rectangle statement earrings on the lobes. The hair was still partly drying at the stage when the pictures were clicked. Could have utilized the blow dryer on cool air mode but alas, l didn't.

Standing in my leopard print dress


Leopard print dress inspo if you're wondering what else it out there:

A long and loose maxi variety with a V-neck for a modest chic appearance - 

**Get the dress here.

A fringe accented version for a look that's edgy and carefree -

**Get the dress here.  

A leopard kaftan style silhouette to engulf yourself with accordingly -

**Get the dress here.

A leopard bodycon option for sassy and sultry days - 

**Get the dress here.

So, what do you think of leopard print dresses? 

Do you wear them? What's your favorite leopard dress style? Share below! 

Till the next post, I hope you will keep your spirit up and break into a dance for no reason at all. 

Here's a quote to ponder:

“What matters are not the truths other people tell us or the practices that we are able to mimic, but the spiritual discoveries we make through personal investigation.”

— Adyashanti

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