Meander Series #14 Imprints

Monday, November 30, 2020

Meander Series #14 Imprints

The time I tell you something about how strong artificial fragrance can be pretty assaulting before letting you read what had been meandering about in this head of mine. 

I can't stand strong fragrances. They can be migraine triggers for me. I've not used a drugstore body moisturizer in ages because they really are lacking in something which my skin craves. 

So far, I've mixed oils that just kinda work together and I really like it. It's one of those things I come to learn about naturally moisturizing the skin of my body without buying into hypes. I'm also a fan of something affordable and effective. I don't know why I start this series with such an intro. But it's just a way of sprinkling something about myself out here in the wild, wild, internet.

Let's get down to the meandering now, shall we?


I don't think I meant to collect these imprints.  Impressions of people. Some are no longer in this dimension but they live on in bits and pieces of my recollections. Of course, these are just memories of my last memories of them. Through the lens of an imperfect sense perception, something lives. Something loves.



I get used to watching my instincts kicking in. A conditioned response. A pause as recognition sinks in. I appreciate knowing myself anew in these little moments invisible to others but vital for experience. It's too easy to find excuses, blame someone or something but I am in this not to win but to allow Life to come through. Light up the opaque areas of habitual childhood resistance.



I've been doing this mind-play activity that is mindless but so fun. When I see a bird, I pretend that I am the bird. When it's a man, I pretend I am a duplicate of the man. A lizard. A butterfly. A dog. A kid. An ant. The list never ends. I especially like when I pretend to be a man while walking in the park. Taking up space and walking big. The world is meant for us all. 


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Big thanks for meandering with me!

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