Meander Series #13 Hidden Moon

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Meander Series #13 Hidden Moon

The time there are not two but three poems for you to read!

Meander with me, earth-bound star sprinkles! It's that time of the month. Not that time of the month. It's the time I display words for you to have a good jolly time reading, hopefully. 

Hah. Let us begin, then.

Poem: Hidden Moon

Cold, cold

Wet asphalt,

Slippery stones,

Drenched soils

Weighted foliage

Hidden moon

Heaving clouds

Hibernating cats

Singing toads

Pattering of

Tender rain

Dotted concrete

Rhythmic beat

Warm cave

Solitary retreat

Moving feet

Cozied up

Body insulated

Breezed by

A buzzing

Standing fan

Sheltered in


Man's land

Blanketed in

Sweet meditation

Shedding womb

Divinity in

The mundane 



Nature in all of her immensity holds all kinds of contrasting beauty, from the most humble barely-noticed foliage to the gigantic mountain that looms and shocks us with its stark protrusion extending high up into the cloud-dotted dreamy blue. The human mind can concoct the most beautiful of thoughts and be the breeding ground of ugliness in its lack-based grappling state. Nothing can be enough and everything is never enough. Have you sensed this in your observation? Have you let go into the space where thinking drops, aliveness comes to peek through?


Poem: Right Here By Me

No where to go

Nothing to be

Not that I have to leave

I'm right here by me

No reason for anything

No desire for company

I'm just being, well

Being me

Thought I had to be

In motion

Not necessarily

I do love to dance

Swaying my hips

Side to side

Feeling the spirit

Soar in delight 

What a sensation


Poem: Present

Nowhere to go

But be here

With me

No place

To rush to

But be right

Where I am,


No faces

To fill the

Mental crevices

Just myself


In the stillness

Cocooned in

The warmth

Of the

Present moment

Even when an



A known face


Tenderly like

A wispy cloud

It disperses

A feeling


And then


A thought takes form

Before I know it

Long gone

A contraction

Behind the eyes



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