Almost Neutral

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Almost Neutral

The time I styled a striped pencil skirt.

Hiya peeps...

How are you doing, today?

It's a another outfit post from me. I've worn this pencil skirt in numerous outfits before and today I'm showing you yet another iteration of the same casual outfit style featuring it: the black and white pencil skirt.

Before that, I'd like to update on what I'm current watching on Netflix. 

It's Good Morning, Veronica. I love crime stories and since my sister shares the same love for it, anything recommended by her, I'll gladly watch and this one is pretty intense. I am at the earlier episodes and already, I'm hooked. I love when shows get you at hello and this one got me at first epi. I watch with the voiceover in English on. 

So, ladies and gents, if you're feeling like sharing, what's your current Netflix watch? Do you watch crime shows? Why do you watch them? Be sure to share in the comment section below!

On to the OOTD: The outfit is made of an old thick cotton tee in black with some kind of a graphic at the waist that wasn't too visible, a pencil skirt in stripes of the black and white variety and a pair of sneakers that are a tad too spacious.

To give the neutral ensemble a pop of interest, I wore round teal-ish stud earrings in a marble design and a very old necklace with colored glass beads. 

I'm not a necklace person but the top felt like it needed something to break up that monotony of darkness and it paired well, I think. It's such an old necklace, the closure kind off broke apart but nothing like a little bit of creativity wouldn't fix. 

In this picture, my arms look like they're terrestrially long. I'm wearing shoes with no laces but if I feel like lacing them up, I could.

Talking about the ancient necklace, I now just realize I have not a clue as to where I'd placed it. One of the signs of aging, I guess. Haha.

I was smiling looking at the cats joining me for a shoot through the screen. They are just the cutest, aren' they? Urghh!

Well folks, what do you think of the outfit? 

Thank you for spending some of that precious time of yours here. Hong Kong readers, I see you! Hi!

Remember to get your mask on while out in public. It's just a mask. You'll be alright.

Till the next post, take precious care!

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