Brown things

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Brown things

The time I show you something wonderfully brown and beige.

So, I did a thing, which was looking at brown and beige things.

Except for one black and white mini pumpkin decor, the rest are pretty brown.

Saw this floral headboard style and had a case of the love at first eyeball. How gorgeous is that thing? 

If you love vintage wicker baskets, you can use them as a wall decor as part of a modern boho interior look. And just right in time for Halloween, you might as well get a pumpkin that's unique instead of the usual orange, well, unless you're planning to eat it. 

And then there is this spectacular oak wood headboard. // ourhood

Knit dress that is a total mood. // SRSbrand

Vintage stud earrings in beige //  MidwestVintageShop 

Autumn leaf dangle earrings // AleksPolymer

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