Caramel Flora

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Caramel Flora

The time I wore this old skirt again.

Hiya peeps. It's another outfit post today! I kept wearing this knit skirt for some reason and on this particular day, decided to pair it with a kimono style boxy top in a floral print.

I wrote something to go with a post like a week ago:

Hi. It's a lovely sunny day here in small town Malaysia. I've just downed a cuppa coffee with plain crackers. Checked on the pot outside if the young frog from yesterday was still hanging there; fortunately the froggie's nowhere to be seen, which is good news. We've had frogs died in narrow containers that had aquatic plants growing in them and learned that they couldn't get themselves out and had to be rescued. I'm no frog whisperer but I managed to save a few of them froggies. Birds are chirping outside and the weather has a cool undertone that makes me feel like jumping. But first, let me mix some milk for the fluffy cats!

The outfit:

Brown floral boxy top with a kimono-esque appeal + rusty tangerine knit pencil skirt + brown boat shoes.

Outfit color mood: extra caramelized toast

What do you think of this outfit? Have I worn it before? I really felt like I have. If I did, no one's keeping a log of my outfits so it's alright. Haha!

I was trying to be in the frame and didn't want to tweak around with the camera. So, this was the pose that had all of me in display. LOL! 

How's the lockdown life going so far? We've had a spike over here and some of the states are currently under lockdown. Lately, the town's been getting a makeover too. Mural wall art design is suddenly transforming spaces here and I'm really loving it. Not that it has anything to do with the next photo but you get my drift. I'm just typing away...

Something is buggy with blogger's compose view. I'm really not feeling it! As for the outfit, I kinda feel it. But definitely not for the hot and humid days, we're experiencing now.

Anyway, that's all for now folks. Tell me how has your day/evening been? What have you been doing? How have you been feeling?

Crop Kimono Inspo:

Kimono Crop Jacket
How gorgeous is this? Something to throw over a neutral outfit and bam! Style points boosted! Next...
Crop Wrap Kimono Top
Something about the print is just so very batik-like. So pretty. Again, to drape over a basic getup and boom, you're slaying! And next...
Reversible Kimono Top

The print: ooooh. The color combo: aaaah. The silhouette: dayum!

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