Turmeric Floral

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Turmeric FLORAL

The time I paired an eye-popping red top with floral turmeric shorts as part of a casual quarantine outfit look.

Or mustard floral. You can call it that as well. The kind of yellow some of us love to eat.

Hiya peeps, what's going on? How are you all doing today? I've got a casual outfit to show you. It's as basic as it gets with a pop of color.

I was at home one fine evening during the quarantine season and I thought of spicing up my WFH outfit with a bold color. I chose red. 

This top was snatched from my sister's old wardrobe collection. She used to wear a lot of red during her younger days when she used to dress extra slouchy and adorable while being a true fan of hip hop and R&B in the late 90s and early 2000s. I don't know why she'd left this red shirt to go to rot but I decided to bring it back in 2020. I partnered it up with a pair of thrifted turmeric floral shorts which my behind couldn't fit into prior covid. 

I got my waistline on point while on lockdown so all the tiny shorts I had retired finally fit me alright again. My pride about my weight aside, the same can't be said about the water weight in my face. Which was quite puffy when I had this casual ootd shot. 

Catties decided to enter the frame while I stood around. At one point, they fought the way siblings do before well, forgetting about it all.

Tidus taking Aiden by the neck. His favorite thing to do while Aiden screams.

That is all for now, folks. 

Hope you're all in the pink of health, keeping safe and taking care of your wonderful and precious selves! If you're under the weather, then please allow yourselves to heal up!

PS: What do you think of the outfit? Share your thoughts! I enjoy reading them so, thank you!

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