Sounds of 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sounds of 2020
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The time I share a bunch of sounds I've listened to in 2020.

Hi folks, I'm a Soundcloud gal and have been listening to songs there for a while and today, I found out they did a playlist of 50 sounds I listened to a lot during well, the year 2020. 

I thought of sharing the list with you for fun and so I did. 

For those interested in taking a trip into the world of sounds that perked my ears and sent my brain cells on a heavenly journey, please tease your ears with the selection below...

Let's go!

Jome - Cinnamon

Levi Patel - As She Passes

Donovan Woods - Put On Cologne

Almainey - Sleepless

.anxious. - memories

Tambour - The Nude And The Quiet

Darling - Day Like Yesterday

Already Mine - Us The Duo

Far Caspian - Astoria

본 보야지 (Bon Voyaze) - 어른 (Prod. hentaidesu)


Plàsi - Now & Then

Anyway, what about you? 

Do you have a song you're listening to quite a lot? Share with me so I can appreciate your sound story. Take care and thank you for always dropping in to look at this space. I really can't thank you enough! 

I also want to say hi to readers from Bangladesh, Canada, France and Curaçao (I only just found out that this is a Dutch Caribbean island - wow!). Thanks for popping by - You're awesome!

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