Meander Series #15 Pre Lockdown 2.0 Tea Time Aunty

Friday, February 5, 2021

Meander Series #15 Pre Lockdown 2.0 Tea Time Aunty

The time to relax and meander with me, once again, is here. Are you thrilled? Well, I am! 

Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, eyes peeled open, let's have a read, now shall we?

Tea Time Aunty

Sun shining through the building. People stuffing food and drinks on a sunny evening. I am people-watching. Sun brightens up the space even more. The table across filled with young boys. I was young as them too once. It's strange to process how at their age, l wouldn't be at this spot most at ease. Gulped down a beautifully-caramelized piece of uttappam or Indian rice pancake. Cooled off with a glass of rose milk on ice less sugar. Who would have thought a hum of conversation by strangers could be therapeutic for this introverted oldie?

Poem: Self-fabricating

Drop into the pocket

Of the moment

Cease the narratives

Self-involved stories

Meet the presence

In all things

Drop into the unseen arms

That carry you

Before the birth

Of desire

And her attachments

Burst that bubble

Of self-fabrication

Drop into the

Full and vivid


Arise from

The death

Of the small I


Car day

The industrial ceiling fan named Mahita shakes while it turns from side to side. I just finished my cold cincau (grass jelly) soy bean drink. Not the usual place to find myself about noon but here I am. Had been here since 9 in the morning. The car is having the old compressor replaced at an AC shop run by a guy called Victor who is such a pleasant spirit. I am chilling at the Chinese food court, taking refuge from the high noon sun.

Walked further and found a windy corner. I've never been so grateful for a cool metal bench situated in a shaded part of the square with wind constantly shoving itself in my face and ballooning my shirt. Just a few feet away, the sun is very much killing its shining game. Now, the clouds come to temporarily shade these eyes. I relax to the tune of random car sounds for educational purposes.


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Big thanks for meandering with me!

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