Biker Shorts From Old Flared Pants

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Biker Shorts From Old Flared Pants

The time I wore biker shorts and freed my knees.

Hi friends, it's an outfit post today. How are you?

I made the biker shorts by cutting off the legs of the old flared pants. The fabric has the best stretch ever and I just had to turn it into something I'd most likely wear and instead of a short short, I gave it a biker length. 

I was not usually into this particular length in a pair of shorts but so far, I'm liking it somehow. I felt it gave off a sporty vibe. I think previously, I was knee-shy as I have fluffy knees and I tried to hide them, either by wearing something that hovers just over the knee caps or opted for a mini length so as the lower thigh area was in focus. 

As I age, I am accepting of every little bits and bobs of myself and I'm glad. The knees are out! Free the knees. Yas!

On this particular evening, I wore the DIY biker shorts with a pink and white tee that was designed by my sister for a breast cancer campaign years ago and a pair of thrifted laceless shoes in navy blue. 

The teardrop marble green earrings are from Shape & Hue an upcoming indie jewelry label from old Malaysia. 

So there's that folks, that was my #porchOOTD. What do you think of my casual styling of the DIY plain black biker shorts? Share your thoughts! I love hearing from you :)

Here's a quote by Sadhguru to seal off the entry:

"May your dreams not come true, may your hopes not be fulfilled, because they are based on what you know. You should explore possibilities that have never been touched or reached before."

Other sporty style looks that I've worn before if you'd like to see: 

Tomato red top, knit pencil skirt and sports shoes

Black tank top with camo joggers and trail shoes

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