Green Therapy

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Green Therapy

The time I wore camo print jogger pants and some trekking shoes casually.

The weather has been divine these few days and by that, it’s sunny but not till your eyeballs are ready to pop out and the breeze tickles your cheek like the soft hand of angel as opposed to one that could flip you upside down and inside out. Where am I going with this?

Oh yes, it’s a post. About an outfit I wore that time, one fine evening. What was it again that I wore? Oh yes, the army print pants I thrifted. And a black sleeveless tank top, with trekking shoes. And a beige bag ZALORA Ninja Van transported to me quickly after some weird digital hiccup I had experienced while online shopping after midnight like a true owl.

I'm taking this opportunity to direct my HUGE thank to the ZALORA Malaysia customer support team for their swift and reliable assistance and the Ninja fellow that stood in the drizzle just so I could have new bags!

Anyway, scroll on to see my evening antics along with the OOTD. But first, some green.

Do you know that spending time in the green is rejuvenating to the mind and body? We all know this but do you really take some time to spend it with Mother Nature? I highly recommend you do! This place which you might have seen before has wild vegetation with water running through and I am often glad that the walkway is free for my shenanigans.

I wonder why people don't walk there that much but then again, it’s fine by me. It’s not exactly secluded as evening exercisers can be found shaking their booties around the area and some bring furry friends to shake theirs too.

In the photo below, you will find a human-like creature which is me.

I was attempting to pull off a look that was a mix of a tough soldier gal in some trekking kicks to ooze some real sporty aura but ended up looking like I might just lounge on this concrete for a bit like a cat as the wind send sweet grass-scented whispers into my ear holes.

After a round of hardcore exercising, I tried catching my breath. Well, that was a lie. I posed this way to show you the roots of my hair. Do you like the ombre hair effect?

Here, I had to show that I was doing something with these shoes, aside from standing mindlessly. But, I was standing mindlessly while holding this pose, feeling the breeze of the moment.

I didn’t know what form of exercise to immerse myself with so I stood like this. Deciphered my own body language. It said: No please, I’m shy. To what exactly, it's a mystery.

Here, I held a giant dried leaf and utilized it as an adornment and pretended it had magic.

This was a pose you could describe as: How to pose with a giant dried leaf in the middle of nowhere?

Here was where and how I found the giant dried leaf. For your info: You need to bend your body and use your dominant hand to pick up the leaf from the ground before you can pose with it.

So folks, how has it been there where you are? Is Spring/Summer a tease or has the sun completely left the clouds’ behind and is right now killing you in your face? What’s new? What’s happening? Do you care for the outfit I wore? Please, share everything down below, including what you had for dinner last night as I love reading your comments and will no doubt reply!

As always, here is a quote to ponder upon and it’s by Dale Carnegie.

“It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

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